Friday, September 3, 2010

leaving seattle

And finally, it's time to leave Seattle.  Our last day there was really just a morning.  We had decided to get up a little earlier and head back to Tom Douglas Land for one last breakfast. 
tom and his fish
We had eaten at Lola for breakfast on Friday morning, but on Tuesday morning, we went across the street to Dahlia Bakery for a quicker bite.
dahlia bakery & breakfast
Steve got some coffee, and we shared a chocolate eclair and a coconut cream pie bite while sitting at one of those tables outside.  The eclair was relatively small, but it was good.
I wanted to try the coconut cream pie bite, because the Dahlia Lounge's coconut cream pie was supposed to be amazing.  The pie bite had all those layers of coconut filling, whipped cream, and coconut and white chocolate on top; but in the end, I think it would have been better in standard pie form.  The crust to filling ratio was off: there was just a little too much crust and not enough room for the various coconut creams.  And obviously, the tasty filling is the reason for pie.  The crust shouldn't overshadow that.
Walking back to the hotel, I took a moment to notice the random trees growing in the middle of downtown.  Cool.  I can't think of too many other cities that have that.  SF certainly doesn't have huge trees growing in the financial district.
We also made one last stop on the rooftop deck at the hotel.  I think I prefer the light in the evening shot from the night before, but I got a ferry in this one.
morning market
And that is the last of the Seattle pictures.  We went back to the room, packed everything up, and checked out.  From there, we walked our luggage to the lightrail station and caught the train back to SeaTac Airport.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I ate the rest of my chocolate chip cookie from Delancey on the plane home to SF.  It was a fitting farewell.
Overall, we had a great trip.  We were happy to find that Seattle is a good food town with some quality restaurants.  It definitely doesn't have the embarrassment of riches that we have in San Francisco, but we ate at some wonderful places—Poppy and Delancey being our favorites.  And there are plenty more that we didn't get to visit on this trip.  I still have a list of restaurants for our next visit, although we have no idea when that would be.
As far as neighborhoods go, we hit a several of them: Pike Place & downtown, Belltown, Capitol Hill, Fremont, Wallingford, Queen Anne, and a tiny bit of Ballard.  For the next trip, more exploration of these (and others) may be needed, especially Ballard, since we didn't actually see the main drag there.  There were also numerous coffee shops and ice cream places that we didn't get to try, because we were always too full or saving room for dinner.

I probably wouldn't want to live in Seattle—too much rain/drizzle/cold for too much of the year—but it is a fabulous city to visit.  I highly recommend it. 

I leave you with some stats.  (Perhaps now it will be obvious why my feet were always so tired and why it took so long to post all the pictures after the trip.)
Approximate Miles Walked
Thursday: 3.1 miles
Friday: 7.1 miles
Saturday: 3.7 miles
Sunday: 6.1 miles
Monday: 7.6 miles
Tuesday: 0.9 miles

Total: 28.5 miles

Pictures Taken: about 2,800 :)

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