Sunday, July 8, 2012

progress, pasta, and a petting zoo

Continuing with June, part of week 24 was about cleaning out closets and sorting through old stuff. Oh wait, that had been happening for weeks already... But there was more of it to do, anyway. That Sunday afternoon, I tackled the rest of my music from the living room closet. I had gone through a bunch of photo copies the month prior, but I hadn't really finished the whole job. This time I got through the rest of it, including classical piano music, scores from musicals, and selections books from musicals. I didn't throw out a whole lot when it came to those, although I did get rid of any classical piano music to which I didn't particularly feel connected. I kept the Chopin, Debussy, Gershwin, and anything else I really liked or had memories of playing in college. And I kept most of my scores for musicals, on the off chance that I do any of those shows again. (It's good to have a record of cuts and things.) When I was done, I had two crates full. One of those had a nice stack overflowing above all the binders. I took a quick picture, since I wasn't sure if I'd get any shots later in the day.

That evening, we drove down to Sunnyvale for a party with my old work friends at Erica's house. We had a good time, but my camera stayed in my bag the whole night. I was too busy catching up with everyone. Good thing I had already taken a picture of the music.

162/366 miles of music

Monday was one of those days when I was too busy doing something around the house to want to think about finding a picture to take. (Of course, now I don't remember what I was actually doing...) To solve my problem of what to photograph, I proposed a dinner of something we didn't have a picture of yet: shrimp with "sea monsters." It's a dish that evolved from a combination of things. There's the sauteed shrimp like I used to make with basil-sour cream sauce in college. And there's a riesling-cream-parmesan sauce with basil that was inspired by a Bertolli frozen meal that I ate a few times in grad school: chicken, spinach, and farfalle in white wine sauce. Steve made his own version of the sauce at my request when we were looking for something to eat with the spinach ravioli from Lucca. We eventually stopped buying the ravioli, but I missed the sauce enough that it made a reappearance with shrimp in this dish. The pasta in sea monster shapes is just an added bonus, really.

163/366 shrimp & sea monsters

Tuesday was my 20-week OB appointment, so I got another nice walk around Presidio Heights on the way to and from my parking spot. This house with columns had some really pretty planters in front with hydrangeas. I think there may have been some gardeners at work around here on my way to the appointment, but they were gone by the time I walked back.

164/366 hydrangea box

My plans on Wednesday included clearing off the corner shelf in the office/nursery so I could start packing what I was keeping into a rubbermaid container in the dining room closet. Part of the process included sorting through some notebooks... which is about as far as I got that day. I started reading through these journals from about 10 years ago, and then I got nothing else done. Who wants to be productive when you can sit and read all the details of boy drama from college? It turns out, I had forgotten many things. 

165/366 blast from the past

On Thursday, I went back for my third ultrasound of the pregnancy. At our ultrasound the week before, the little guy had been moving around so much that they couldn't zoom in on his heart for long enough to take all the pictures they needed. This time, I went in around 11am—generally a much quieter time of day for the baby—and he behaved much better. He moved around just enough that they were able to get all the angles without so much trouble. While I wasn't really thrilled that I had to go again, the tradeoff was that we got another CD of images that turned out to be much clearer than those from the week before. (And I was happy to see that we weren't charged too much more by our insurance for the extra ultrasound.) For the picture of the day, I just set up a quick shot of the CD with a pair of booties that Erica had given us on Sunday.

166/366 third first photos

Fridays are our weekly pizza nights with Dan and Carmen, which usually includes some Elsa playtime before she has to go to bed. This time, she was demonstrating how well she can escape from her toy bag/box when Carmen wants a picture of her inside.

167/366 escape from the toy box

And finally, Saturday. The weather was warm, so we walked to Noe Valley to look for dinner ingredients at Whole Foods. (I also got some Mitchell's ice cream at the sub shop.) While we were in Noe Valley, we discovered that they were having their Summer Fest, the centerpiece of which seemed to be a pretty big petting zoo. They had sheep, alpacas, pigs, a pony, a donkey (or mule?), and goats, of course. That was good for a picture or two to round out the week.

168/366 the girl & the goat


  1. You had a good variety of pictures this week. BSD

  2. Yeah agree. Nice set of photos. But I see the blog is gearing up to cuteness ! We are seeing less food and more cute =)