Wednesday, September 5, 2012

baby registries & nursery progress

The very busy weekend following our anniversary continued with an appointment at the Giggle store on Sunday to meet with one of their consultants. The idea was to go over our options and fill up our registry. I had already started the process online and added some stuff, so our consultant was saying that she felt guilty that she wasn't more help in getting a lot more put on there. However, there were several items that we would be borrowing or inheriting from Dan and Carmen, leaving less that we needed to buy new.  The purpose of the consultation for me was more to see things in person and try out the strollers we were considering. That part was quite helpful—even if I knew more about our stroller of choice from watching a YouTube review of it than the consultant did. When we left, the consultant added the items that we had discussed to our registry for us. Of course, I went home after that, checked prices against those on Amazon, and moved things over to our Amazon baby registry if they were cheaper there. :)

It was nice to finally get the registries off the ground, though. I had been dragging my feet a bit, not wanting to shift my focus to the mountain of baby gear research until the big project, the office-to-nursery transformation, was well on its way. I also didn't want to commit to the big things, by putting them on our registries, without doing the research on them first. There are still a few items, like baby monitors, that we haven't settled on yet, but at least the Amazon and Giggle registries are suitably populated with gift ideas for those looking. With our shower set for September 15, it was definitely time to get on that.

232/366 giggle

Meanwhile, the monumental nursery project was making good progress. I painted samples of three colors on the walls the previous Friday afternoon: Soft Chamois, Seapearl, and Dove Wing. Soft Chamois was a little too green, Seapearl (the color of our hallway walls) was a little too pink, and Dove Wing was the clear winner with a happy medium. I had hoped to go get the paint from House of Color on Sunday afternoon, but they're closed on Sundays. Luckily, Cole Hardware also carries Benjamin Moore, and they're open 7 days a week. They're also located a little closer than House of Color, so we were able to walk there on Sunday and bring back the paint we needed.

On Monday, I finished the taping of the trim, and then I managed to get the entire first coat of paint done. All of this took me from about 1:30 to 6:30pm. It was a good thing that I thought to stop and snap a picture of the paint can towards the end of the brushwork, because my usual tactic of waiting to come up with a shot until I was done painting (and had showered) wouldn't have worked out so well.

233/366 painting the nursery

The painting continued on Tuesday, but I was only able to do the second coat of brushwork around the trim. I had an OB appointment at 5pm, so I needed to be cleaned up and ready to go much earlier than I had the day before. I also needed to get my picture of the day taken so I wouldn't have to worry about it later. I got that set up after my shower, using the hard-boiled eggs that Steve had made for me as my subject. The eggs were fancy, colored ones from the farmers market, so I'd waited to dig into them until I had time to take a picture. For my background, I selected one of the napkins that Steve got me for our fourth anniversary—the "linen-versary." 

234/366 an egg of a different color

I got Wednesday's picture done even earlier, noticing in the morning that one of the dying tulips from our anniversary had taken on an interesting shape in the vase. That was good enough for the day, so I was able to go back to painting in the afternoon without worrying about taking more pictures. I got the second coat completely finished with the roller, removed the tape from around the trim, and admired my work.

235/366 past its prime

Thursday was all about the nursery furniture. After Steve got home from work on Wednesday, I had him move the cubby shelves back into the nursery from where they were temporarily residing in our bedroom. Then, while he was cooking dinner, I moved (or dragged) the Ikea dresser components in there. Steve actually started putting together the dresser that night, while I was in the living room, but it took me a while to notice. He got the whole frame put together, and then he had to stop when he got to a part that required the use of a hammer. It was definitely too late for loud noises.

On Thursday morning, he mentioned over IM that he had turned the frame over in case I wanted to attach the backing while he was at work. (See picture below.) I attempted it, but it turns out that I'm not very good at hammering small, easily bendable nails into hard wood. I successfully got one in, in between ruining two others, and decided to leave the rest for Steve to do. Instead, I tackled the 6 drawers. I had much better luck with those, since the only hammering involved was with large plastic dowel-screw things that went into pre-drilled holes. By the time Steve got home and finished the backing, I was on the last drawer.

After completing the dresser, we put together the crib too. With the help of the estimated delivery dates listed on, I had planned to order the crib for delivery on Friday. But then, when I hit "refresh" on the webpage on Wednesday, I noticed that the price had suddenly dropped by about $90. I couldn't believe my luck. It had been the same price for months, ever since I had started researching cribs, and then it happened to go down when we were about to buy it! So just in case they sold out or the price went back up in the next day, I ordered it right then. It arrived on Thursday morning, less than 24 hours later, and the very kind and generous UPS guy brought it upstairs for me, even though they're not supposed to do that. (I guess it pays to look pregnant!) If he had come at the normal time, Steve probably would have been home to carry it up the stairs, but the UPS guy was eager to get the big, heavy box off of his truck before noon.

236/366 furniture assembly

Friday was somewhat less exciting, since there wasn't much to do in the nursery for the time being. I went out for an afternoon walk to Bi-Rite to get some exercise, take some pictures, and buy some snacks. On the way to the store, I passed an old Ford truck in the neighborhood. I had seen it around before, but it happened to be in a more picturesque location this time.

237/366 f100

And back to the nursery-related pictures for Saturday. Steve and I went to Room & Board after lunch to order our glider, since that was last big piece of furniture remaining. I had decided on the chair and the color, so all that remained was trying it out one last time and committing to it. I snapped a picture of the it in the store to use as my picture of the day too. That's the color we got—the in-stock color—although we didn't bother with the ottoman that goes with it. It was actually delivered today, and now we have somewhere to sit in the baby's room!

238/366 the glider

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