Monday, October 8, 2012

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Week 37: here we go. That Sunday, September 9, Steve and I made a Target run to get a few things that we needed, and then we went to Bi-Rite Creamery for our walk and a late snack. With the gestational diabetes thing, I'm not allowed to have a ton of sweet stuff, but I was told that half a cup of ice cream now and then was fine, especially if there was walking afterwards. So we waited in the longest line I've ever seen at Bi-Rite—it was a nice day—and I finally got my kid-size scoop of cookies and cream. It was the first time I tried that flavor, and it was really good.

253/366 kid size

For Monday's picture, I decided to use one of my impulse buys from the Target trip the day before. The "Shops at Target" project, in which Target teams up with smaller businesses to create a selection of goods to sell in Target stores, was actually featuring The Curiosity Shoppe when we went. The Curiosity Shoppe is a cute little store in our neighborhood with some really random and cool stuff. In fact, I had seen paper straws there, like the ones below, in the past. However, most times when I've come across paper straws, they've been in packages of just one color. At Target, I found a package of various colors all together as part of their Curiosity Shoppe collection. I couldn't resist buying some. I plan to use them for food (or drink) photos at some point, but they made a pretty picture on their own in the meantime.

254/366 paper straws

On Tuesday, I spent some time working on thank-you notes for baby gifts. Our baby shower wasn't until that Saturday, but we had received some presents already from people who wouldn't be able to make it to the party. Pictured here: my address book, pen, and the thank-you notes themselves. The shower evite had a pair of deer in silhouette at the top, and I was able to find these thank-you notes with fawns on them that kind of match. Perfect for the woodland theme!

255/366 correspondence

I needed to get a few things downtown the next day, so I also made a stop at Anthropologie. I was kind of looking for more thank-you notes while I was in the area, since I had only been able to find one pack of the fawn ones and was afraid I would run out. No luck with cute cards at Anthropologie or anywhere else I checked, but I got a picture of the day at Anthro anyway. And when I got home that night, I managed to track down an Etsy account for the company that made the fawn thank-you notes. They didn't have any listed for sale, but I was able to contact them and order some more.

256/366 anthro bowls

Thursday was a bit less exciting. I went to Noe Valley for my daily walk and just shot some pear candles in an antique store window.

257/366 the crown pears

More stuff for the nursery arrived from Land of Nod on Friday. We got our owl lamp, the crib skirt, the set of mirrors for above the dresser, and the containers for the cubby shelves. Of those things, the owl lamp was the most photogenic, so that became my main photo subject for the day.

258/366 owl lamp

Saturday, September 15, was next. A year ago on September 15, we were arriving in Barcelona for the beginning of our big Spain and Italy trip. This year, it was our baby shower. Fun fact: my feet and ankles were only swollen at the end of one of those days... and it wasn't this year's September 15! In related news, I'm really glad I didn't have any long international flights while pregnant.

Back to the baby shower, though. Carmen and Alyson hosted it that day at Lovejoy's Tea Room in Noe Valley. There were a few friends that weren't able to make it, so it was a relatively small crowd. On the plus side, it was a good size for Lovejoy's. We were all able to fit around one table and still have conversations with people at the opposite end. We had tea, played a couple of low-pressure games, and opened a few presents. At the end, we even took a group picture outside, wearing the tea room's collection of very special hats.

In my picture of the day, I used one of the adorable edible terrarium favors that Carmen had made for the shower. The light inside Lovejoy's wasn't optimal for pictures—and I was trying not to have a camera glued to my face the whole time—so I did a photo shoot with it in the nursery once we got home. Inside the terrarium was chocolate cake "dirt," candy rocks, a pistachio macaron, and a couple not-so-edible mushroom decorations. Carmen said she got the idea from my Mason jar terrarium—the one in Friday's picture of the day.

259/366 baby shower

That wraps up another week. On to the next!

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