Friday, April 12, 2013

the baby at three months

The third week of 2013 started with a picture of some home decor in the window of the Aldea store on Valencia. It's one of those shops that always has interesting things, even if they're not always quite the right style for my house. Their stuff makes good pictures, though, so I always check the window displays when I walk by.

14/365 aldea

Continuing with Tuesday, we have another in the series of pictures of Evan's toys. I had the Fisher Price version of this stacking toy as a kid, but we got a wooden one for Evan. I think old school wooden toys are just more charming, especially when the colors are clean and bright. This toy actually has a red ball that goes on top, but I decided I liked the picture better without it.

15/365 stacked

Wednesday's shot was a bouncy seat portrait of the darling boy, who had just recently found his hands. As you may recall, he had been using them to pull up his bib (and lick it) since around the first of the year, but Tuesday was when they were suddenly in his mouth all the time.

His cradle cap was also pretty bad around then, making his scalp really scaly and flaky. I tried treating it with olive oil, brushing it, and picking off the loose flakes; however, I stopped doing that when I noticed that I was taking his hair along with the flakes. (Eek.) He was shedding his first crop of hair anyway, but it got kind of extra sparse on the sides for a while... oops. Thankfully, it looks much better now. He still has more hair in the middle than on the sides, but the subtle faux hawk it grew into is pretty cute.

16/365 hands: found

For Thursday, I took a picture of Evan's Dr. Seuss collection—plus a couple of non-Seuss books. We had gotten Dr. Seuss's ABC and Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? before Christmas, and I found myself reading those to Evan quite a bit. Clearly, I needed a few more options that were similar. So I bought Fox in Socks, Hand Hand Fingers Thumb, and The Berenstains' B Book. I remembered all of those, aside from Fox in Socks, from when I was a kid. I was especially happy to find a decent used copy of the B Book on Amazon, because it was out of print. Evan seems to like that one too.

17/365 evan's growing library

Evan's three-month birthday was on Friday, so I didn't have to think of something else to shoot. I just had to put him in a white onesie and plunk him in the chair. For the first time, I was actually able to get a smile or two out of him while I was taking pictures. But it was still challenging, and in the end, I wasn't really happy enough with any of the smiley ones to use them. 

18/365 three months

Steve and I took Evan on his first BART ride on Saturday, to the Ferry Building for the farmers market. But we didn't have very good luck finding the ingredients we had in mind at the farmers market, and I wasn't very inspired to take pictures outside. I tend to forget how much less exciting it is in the winter, when all of my favorite summer produce isn't available. Therefore, like our purchases that day, my pictures were all from inside the Ferry Building. The shot below was of some cinnamon rolls on display at Mariposa Baking Company. I didn't get any, although they were tempting.

19/365 ferry building sweets

The final picture, from Sunday, was another flower shot from another walk to Noe Valley. I still find it surprising that I can spot something new to shoot when I've taken that same walk dozens of times. Flower pictures aren't exactly thrilling, but they do the job.

20/365 little flowers

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