Monday, January 17, 2011

only fifty weeks to go

It seems odd to start each week of this 365 project with a Saturday. I know it's because the new year did, in fact, begin with a Saturday. Still, it feels weird. I'll go with it for now, but I might eventually shift it so that the weekly posts start with Mondays instead of weekends.

So... last Saturday. Steve and I took a walk down Valencia St. in the chilly weather and had coffee at the relatively new hipster coffee hangout, The Summit. It's located between Ritual and Four Barrel, and it serves Blue Bottle coffee. The place was packed with the aforementioned hipsters, many of them typing away on their MacBooks or with their noses in reading material—for grad school, no doubt. We managed to find a seat and enjoy our mochas, despite the crowds. The style of the place is pretty cool, but I didn't take very many pictures there. The main thing that caught my eye was the collection of flowers on the bar. I noticed little terrariums on tables by the windows when I walked by it the first time, so I wasn't too surprised to see this.

8/365 bar flowers

Broadway Bound classes started back up for the semester on Sunday, which meant I had to go teach in the afternoon. Steve and I planned it so that we'd have our new dish for 52 Weeks of Food that day for lunch, and that way, I was able to use the same picture for 365 as well. (Work doesn't tend to be very photogenic.) The dish was a pasta with oysters that were poached in prosecco. Cream and chives were added to the oystery wine, and that made the sauce. It sounded and smelled good, but it was a little underwhelming as a whole.

9/365 oyster pasta

On Monday morning, Carmen texted me to see if I wanted some paperwhites that were stinking up her house. Someone had given them to her, and she was not a fan. I took them off her hands, figuring they would at least give me something to photograph. They are pretty stinky, but they've been okay in the dining room.

10/365 paperwhites

I thought about taking a walk on Tuesday afternoon to find my picture of the day, but it turned out to be rainy. Even though it wasn't exactly pouring, it was wet enough that I didn't want to take my camera outside. I settled for a picture of raindrops on the living room window, and I liked it enough that I didn't bother going outside to look for something else when the sun finally did come out again.

11/365 rainy afternoon

Tuesday's planned walk became Wednesday's walk instead, which was for the best. I remembered on Tuesday night that I needed to get a birthday card for one of my nieces while I was in Noe Valley. I would have forgotten if I had gone out that day. So on Wednesday, I went and bought a card, mailed it at the Noe Valley post office, and then I took different route back. I passed a house with some little pumpkins outside, and that turned out to be my favorite picture of the day. It was kind of fitting: a picture that clearly communicates fall, taken in the middle of winter, on a day that felt like spring. Oh, San Francisco...

12/365 confused seasons

It was back to rainy weather on Thursday, although it wasn't nearly as cold as it had been two days before. That didn't make me want to go out in it, though, so I consulted my list of 365 ideas. The mushroom "terrarium" (minus its glass jar top) stood out on that list, but I couldn't do what I had envisioned with it while it was raining. Then, a better idea came to me. Instead of putting it in (wet) grass, I could just put it on the window sill in the bathroom. I have built-in green bokeh because of the magnolia tree outside, and all I had to do was open the window to get a clear shot.

13/365 mushroom, mushroom

By the end of the week, I was feeling like baking something. I've had my eye on the Sweet & Salty Brownies from the Baked Explorations cookbook, but I don't have all the ingredients for them yet. I'm also trying to give us a little break after all those Christmas cookies a few weeks ago. I saw a blog post on La Tartine Gourmand with a recipe for chocolate granola on Thursday night, and it seemed like the perfect solution to satisfy my wish to bake and give me something to photograph. Granola feels moderately healthy and has the added bonus of being quick and easy. (Quick is good when you want to photograph it before dark.) I hadn't made granola in a very long time either. I had to guess a little, but I was able to combine my old go-to recipe with the chocolate one to make my very own granola that didn't involve buying too many different cereals or seeds that I might not use again. It turned out great, and I've been breakfasting and snacking on it since.

14/365 friday's baking

End of week 2! I'll probably post my chocolate granola recipe in a day or two—partly so I don't forget how I made it.

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