Monday, January 31, 2011

the roaring twenties

I'm not actually sure if days 22-28 were exactly "roaring," but it was a pretty decent week for pictures.

Beginning with last Saturday, we have a picture from the Noe Valley farmers market. Steve and I walked to Noe Valley, made a quick stop at the little farmers market, and then went for some sushi for lunch. We didn't actually buy any produce at the farmers market, since we had lunch and other errands to run afterward, but I wanted to check it out for photo opportunities. A lot of this stuff is available at the little corner store closer to home anyway.

22/365 farmers market veg

Sunday was new food day again, and I had picked out a couple of things from Avec Eric for our lunch: the Caramelized Onion & Gruyere Tart and the Caramelized White Chocolate Panna Cotta with Blood Orange Marmalade. (Apparently, I was in a caramelized sort of mood.) Neither one turned out quite as expected, but I decided to use the overly puffed tart—made with puff pastry—as my picture of the day. I'll write more about that soon, when I do my roundup of January dishes for 52 Weeks.

23/365 puff tart

On Monday, I replenished our supply of granola. I made full batch again, dividing it in half at the end to make two kinds this time. For the first half, I used 1.5 ounces of a Scharffen Berger 70% chocolate bar to make more chocolate granola. For the second half, I wanted to try adding fruit. I used one pouch—about 1/2 cup—of the "crunch dried" fruit that they sell at the yuppy-hippy grocery store nearby. It was the "Orchard Blend," so there were apples, peaches, and apricots. The result was more breakfast-friendly than the chocolate granola, but I still like the chocolate stuff better for snacks.

24/365 fruity granola

When the afternoon came on Tuesday, I had no picture ideas. I felt guilty about not being outside in the gorgeous weather, so I figured I would at least walk around the block. I saw a couple possibilities as I passed the little school, but I didn't go for them. There were kids and parents around, and I didn't want to be hanging around suspiciously, taking pictures. Next to the school, however, there was a nice bush of lavender. I dropped to one knee and snapped a few pictures. Most of my other pictures from the walk were also of plants or other random things, and I returned home not knowing if I had anything I'd be happy with. Then, when I was editing the lavender pictures, I slapped a Lightroom preset on one and really liked it. A little tweaking later, I had one of my favorite pictures of the week.

25/365 might as well be spring

Rather than look for something in the afternoon again on Wednesday, I suggested to Steve that we try a new restaurant in the neighborhood for dinner. I had thought about going to Beast and the Hare for dinner the previous two Tuesdays, but that's the night that they're closed. We ended up liking the place, although we ordered more food than we really needed. I took pictures of what we got, but I might not post any of them. It turns out, 6pm is still a little too dark at this time of the year for good restaurant pictures. Better luck in the late spring or summer.

26/365 beast and the hare

I planned to walk down Valencia Street on Thursday, all the way to Four Barrel Coffee, to get a mocha and spend some time reading Rick Steves' Spain. Then, I walked into Four Barrel and saw that was it pretty packed. I waffled a bit while standing in line and then just ordered my mocha to go. I had hoped to get my picture of the day there, but I only managed one shot amidst the relative chaos. So I walked back towards home, coffee in one hand and camera in the other, stopping now and then to take pictures of whatever caught my eye. The winner was the window of Paxton Gate, partly because the suitcase of shells tied in well with the trip planning. I got through the introduction of the Spain book and the section on Barcelona once I got home.

27/365 just the essenshells

Friday was pretty low-effort. A few days before, I had taken note of the fence at the house with the tacky paint job. "Fence Friday" is kind of a thing on Flickr, so I saved the idea for a Friday. I just had to walk a block or so, take a few pictures, and then it was back home to read more about San Sebastian, Bilbao, and the rest of Basque Country.

28/365 fence friday

Another week done. And now, on to the next!

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