Monday, February 28, 2011

day fifty and beyond

Week 8 began with the first milestone of Project 365—at least according to the 365 Community group on Flickr. Saturday, February 19th, was day 50; and of course, of course, it was cold and rainy that day. My hopes of going out and doing something interesting afternoon were quickly superseded by the desire to stay inside where it was warm and dry. I still wanted something special and representative of day 50, so I started looking around the house. Finally, I thought of using my ceramic "5" magnet from the end of my first 365, along with the "o" from our stainless steel magnetic alphabet. I propped them up with Steve's Deglingos mini chicken on the top cushion of our big chair, and voila: day 50.

50/365 celebratory chicken

Steve and I finished our 52 Weeks of Food project the week before, but that didn't stop us from making something new for Sunday's lunch. After all, I had to work again that day, and this was the easiest way to get a picture without a special trip outside or taking my camera to work. We selected a recipe for Cumin-Scented Lamburgers from Gerald Hirigoyen's Pintxos cookbook, which I gave Steve for his birthday. Steve will be Steve, however: he decided that he should make his own mini brioche buns and mini potato chips from scratch. Things weren't quite perfect, but they definitely made a nice picture. They tasted pretty good too.

51/365 cumin lamburgers

Monday was Presidents Day, and Steve had the day off from work. To celebrate, we went to see The King's Speech at the Embarcadero movie theater. (It was great and totally deserved the Oscars it won.) Beforehand, we made a trip to the Ferry Building, mostly to just look at stuff. Usually, we go to buy some specialty food item. This time, we came away with a few pretty napkins and a couple little Weck jars from Heath Ceramics. It will be fun to use them in food photos, I'm sure, but I took a photo of the ceramic vases for my picture of the day.

52/365 heath-tastic

On Tuesday, I ran some errands in Noe Valley. It was a little chilly, but the trees were blooming. It always seems strange to me that the leaves here change colors in December, and the trees bloom in February—not that I'm complaining. I never was a fan of true winter.

53/365 intermittent spring

Wednesday and Thursday were both scrapbooking days for me. (I'm almost up to our wedding—2 1/2 years ago!) I didn't want to go out in the rain or the cold, so my Wednesday idea was to use the weekly theme from 365 Community: Fun and Games. I pulled out the only non-card game I own, Connect Four, and set up a shot. I remember watching many games between my dad and my sister Bethany when I was a kid. "Red always wins" was something of a family saying, so it seemed right to set up the board with the red in the foreground.

54/365 red always wins

Thursday's idea was actually one that I had come up with on Saturday; I just deemed it not special enough for day 50. I used Steve's Ice Bat Ugly Doll, propped him up in a chair, and positioned one of Steve's birthday presents in his lap. While Ice Bat read The Ugly Doll Guide to Eating Out and Keeping it Down, I researched what to eat and where to go in Chicago when we go in late May.

55/365 ugly research

I didn't really feel like going anywhere on Friday either, but I made myself do it. I just couldn't handle a third day in a row of having to find something to shoot in my house. Steve wanted to buy some new shoes from Merrill, and I had been looking at spring jackets online already, so it sounded like a good reason to brave the chill in the air and go downtown. I went to Anthropologie and Banana Republic, before meeting Steve at his office, but I had more luck with pictures than I did with jackets. Picking out Steve's shoes was a much easier task.

56/365 giraffes? giraffes!

And now I'm over 1/7th of the way done! (Yes, I'm keeping track.)


  1. I love these giraffes. I must get one for my god-daughter, she is in love with them. Where did you see these? At at the shoe store?

  2. The giraffes were at Anthropologie, right near the front!