Wednesday, February 16, 2011

six (& fifty)

It's my 50th post on this blog! And I'm up to week 6 in Project 365 recaps. Last week was a week of lots of green. And beige... Green and beige.

Starting with Saturday, February 5th, it was a nice day for ice cream in the Mission. Steve and I walked down to Humphry Slocombe, where I got a scoop of Meyer Lemon-Candied Ginger. (So good.) Because the weather was so pleasant, the line was long. That gave me plenty of time to take pictures of the coffee mug shelf while we waited. I didn't bother with the ice cream itself, though. It all starts to look pretty similar after a while, and there was nowhere to sit anyway.

36/365 humphry slocombe

Sunday was our next to last meal of 52 Weeks of Food. We were going to do something with crab, but we went to see a production of the musical The Wedding Singer on Saturday night. That left little time after our ice cream to buy and cook crab, in addition to making Saturday's dinner. Instead, we decided on the Spring Minestrone with Brown Rice from Heidi Swanson's Super Natural Cooking. With asparagus, peas, and snap peas, it felt very healthy. Definitely not your typical Super Bowl Sunday food, but I had to go to work anyway. (We had a calzone for dinner later.)

37/365 soupand bowl sunday

On Monday morning, I got a text message from Carmen, asking if I wanted to go to a piercing and tattoo parlor with her. It turned out that she wanted to go get her belly button ring from 1993 removed before things got ugly. (Pregnancy, you know...) It took the guy less than 10 seconds to do it, and then we were on our way to get a snack on 18th Street. We went to Tartine instead of Bi-Rite Creamery, since I had never been to Tartine. It's this well known, fabulous bakery in our neighborhood, but I had never been inside, since there was always a long line. This time, everyone must have been at Dolores Park or Bi-Rite instead, because the line was pretty short. I got a slice of tres leches cake, and Carmen got a lemon cream tart. Both were delicious.

38/365 tartine

I spent Tuesday doing laundry and making some more granola, so I took some time in between to go out for a quick walk around the block. I only made it about halfway through the park, with a couple "meh" pictures taken, before I spotted some fern fronds. Curly green plants with repetition galore? Yes, please. I took pictures of the fronds on each side of the larger plant, and then I went back home. No further walk necessary.

39/365 fronds

I wasn't quite as lucky on Wednesday. I wanted to start my reading of Rick Steves' Italy, and I had romantic notions of doing that in a coffee shop (again). This time, I didn't go as far as Four Barrel; I went to Ritual instead. Unfortunately, free seats were about as sparse as they were at Four Barrel a couple weeks before. I got my mocha to go, and I shot the cute picture in the window of Gypsy Honeymoon when I passed it on the way back home.

40/365 valentine's day approaches

Thursday was haircut day, since Thomas had an opening at 6pm. That involved a trip downtown anyway, so I went early and ran some errands. I also tried out Cako, a cupcake place off of Powell that I had noticed on the way back to BART the last couple of times we saw shows at the Curran Theater. They have rows of cupcakes in their window, so I figured it would make a good picture/snack option. I got a caramel cupcake (chocolate cupcake with caramel frosting and drizzle), which was very good. Because the top was ever so slightly smushed, I was glad that I had the window cupcakes to stand in as picture of the day.

41/365 cako cupcakes

One of my other stops downtown on Thursday was at Steve's office. You see, he decided that day that he wanted to switch our cell service to Verizon—from Sprint—and get an iPhone. That meant that I got one too! I picked mine up from him at work and was able to put some numbers in it while I was waiting to get my hair cut. It's quite a change from my old dumbphone, the (Red) Motorola Razr from 2007. (Texting was such a hassle on that thing.) I took a few pictures of the new phone on Friday afternoon—after changing the wallpaper on my home screen, but before figuring out how to rearrange the icons.

42/365 welcome to the future

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  1. The iPhone shot is perfect. It can be an official promotional picture.