Thursday, May 19, 2011

week 19 miscellany

Last week began with a baby shower for Dan and Carmen! Carmen's cousin Amy and I threw their co-ed tea party and baby shower on Saturday afternoon at Crown & Crumpet in Ghirardelli Square. We had a few games that required no skill whatsoever—they were more like door prizes—and the rest of the time was spent having tea and watching Dan and Carmen open their presents. Meanwhile, I took a lot of pictures. My favorite was this one of Dan and Carmen at the beginning of the shower, wearing the Baby Daddy ribbon and baby tiara that Carmen had made for Amy's baby shower last year.

127/365 the royal couple

On Saturday night, after the baby shower, Steve and I realized that we hadn't yet picked out a new recipe to make for lunch on Sunday. I grabbed Mario Batali's Molto Gusto—good for quick pastas—and found that we had previously bookmarked the Pennette with Cauliflower Ragu. That looked good and easy, and it didn't involve special produce only available at the farmers market. (We just substituted penne, because we had run out of the smaller pennette.) It turned out to be really tasty, between the parmesan in the cauliflower ragu, the rosemary, and the bread crumbs on top. It's a keeper.

128/365 cauliflower ragu

Monday was one of those days during which I enjoyed having nowhere to be. It had been another busy weekend, between Cinco de Mayo, Amy's visit, the baby shower, and work on Sunday. After all that, I was happy to spend Monday editing pictures from the baby shower and drinking white tea from my new cup. It had arrived a week or two before, but I had been busy enough that I hadn't needed to use it for a picture then.

129/365 tea cup

Tuesday seemed like a good day to go for a walk on Valencia Street to check another photo idea off of my list. There's usually a rack of vintage shirts outside Room 4, but I kept passing it on days when I already had my picture of the day taken or when I was headed somewhere else that was promising. This time, I made a point of stopping and taking the shot; luckily, the shirt in front wasn't too ugly.

130/365 sidewalk sale

On Wednesday afternoon, I had a dress rehearsal for the cabaret show. Knowing that I probably wouldn't take any pictures at the studio, I made a detour through the park and around the block before going to the car. I took a few pictures of random things, but the passiflora in the park won for the day. It also fit the 365 group theme for the week of "Down the Garden Path."

131/365 passiflora

Steve and I ended up going out for dinner on Thursday evening, partly because I didn't have a picture for the day yet. It worked out pretty well, though; we finally got around to trying Heart Wine Bar. It had been open for over a year already, and it was close enough that we really had no excuse for not trying it sooner. Unfortunately for us, they had just reworked their menu and stopped serving the hot small plates that had looked interesting, but they still had cheese and meats. We ordered a "Mission picnic" dinner of four cheeses with accompaniments, prosciutto, and a sandwich. The cheeses were especially good, and we enjoyed them with our "unpretentious" wine in jars.

132/365 heart

I went downtown on Friday. Steve and I were leaving the next Tuesday to go to MI and IL, and I wanted to get a new spring coat that would look a little less casual than white jacket. (That one is starting to look sad after two years of wear.) I found success with a classic black trench coat at Banana Republic; however, I didn't actually take any pictures while I was at the mall. I think I've been there frequently enough that I don't find it inspiring anymore. So to fulfill my picture quota for the day, I went to Anthropologie. They had some letter cups on display that looked picturesque. And since there were hoards of tourists descending on Market & Powell nearby—or ascending from the BART station—I didn't feel too out of place whipping out my camera in the store. 

133/365 g through t

That's all for another week. You can look forward to some MI pictures in week 20—that's where we are right now—followed by some IL and Chicago pictures in week 21. I brought my laptop with me on this trip to try to keep up with photo editing, but I make no promises, especially for the days when we're in Chicago.

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