Wednesday, May 4, 2011

easter and other spring-tivities

The last full week of April was a busy one, with Easter and a visit from Steve's college roommate, Rich. Without further introductory babble, here's week 17.

I was coming off being sick the previous week, so I didn't want to overdo it that Saturday. It was the annual day of noise on our street, otherwise known as the ArtFest and Raffle for the school nearby. Each year, they close off the street in front of the house, and there are live performances and such. Steve and I walked through it a little as it was starting to wind down, but I didn't really take many pictures. Instead, I took pictures of Enzo. Dan and Carmen had a pre-baby class all day, so they asked us to take Enzo out around noon. We saw no cats and only one barking dog behind a fence, so Enzo was pretty easy to manage.

113/365 dog-walking duty

The next day was Easter Sunday, and the logical choice for a picture was Easter candy. Steve got me Cadbury Creme Eggs, some cute painted chocolates from Recchiuti, and some candy-coated almonds from Miette. I encouraged him not to waste money on a basket we wouldn't use again, so it all went into a bowl. He did, however, make the effort to cut some green paper to make "grass."

114/365 easter bowl

The rest of the day was filled with cooking. We had decided to be "ironical" and have rabbit for Easter, so we picked two Ethan Stowell recipes that would provide lunch and dinner and use almost the full rabbit. For lunch, we had a salad with the loin. For dinner, a roast of the legs, served with potatoes and carrots (Steve's addition). There was also a fava dish with creme fraiche, mint, and lemon, from Gerald Hirigoyen's Pintxos. It was a good meal, and it was suitably festive.

For dessert, I helped Steve make a Lime-Vanilla Cheesecake from Delicious Days. (He took the lead on the crust, and I mixed up the filling.) He had shown me the recipe online a few days earlier, and it seemed like the perfect addition to our Easter meal.

Part of Monday afternoon was devoted to getting a proper picture of the cheesecake, since it was dark by the time we ate it on Easter. I used some creative composition to hide the fact that about a quarter of the cheesecake was missing by the time I shot the photo. When I was setting up the shot, I planned to take it with just the white fabric for background. But then I got the idea to include a little of the dining room window behind it. Since the limes were the only things I had on hand to add some color (and indicate the cheesecake's flavor), the green bokeh turned out to be a good addition.

115/365 lime-vanilla cheesecake

Tuesday's picture was also kind of a pickup shot from Easter. I wanted to take a photo of the Recchiuti "Peep & Hop" burnt caramel truffles before I started to eat them. You may or may not recall some similar Halloween-themed Recchiuti truffles from two years ago. I think these are cuter, even if I wasn't quite as creative with the composition.

116/365 edible art

Steve's aforementioned friend and college roommate, Rich, arrived in town on Wednesday. We took him to dinner at Pi Bar for pizza, beer, and polenta fries that night, but I wasn't in love with any of the pictures I took there. I preferred a shot from that afternoon of our strawberry plant and its three strawberries. I ate the ripest one after taking the picture, and it was quite good. Too bad we didn't get enough to do much with them.

117/365 strawberries

Part of Thursday was spent hanging out with Rich in the Mission. We went to Dynamo Donuts for breakfast, followed by Philz Coffee (consumed on the walk home). After a quick break, we set out again down Valencia to try out Mission Cheese for lunch. I had seen several pictures of the newly opened shop/cafe from my Flickr contacts, and I was eager to try it. Between the grilled cheese sandwiches, the ranunculus flowers in glass milk bottle vases, the cheese on the counter, and the chalkboard menu, I was happy with the place.

118/365 mission cheese accomplished

After our cheese lunch, I stayed home and edited photos, while Rich walked up to Bernal Heights to explore for a while. Steve and I took him to Noe Valley for dinner at Contigo that evening, so it was a rather productive day, foodwise.

Then came the Royal Wedding on Friday—technically while we were sleeping. Rich had plans with a friend of his, so I parked myself on the couch to edit pictures and watch the BBC America coverage of the wedding, fast-forwarding past some of the hours of filler. I thought it was rather lovely, with those trees in the Abbey, the impressive overhead shots of the church during the ceremony, the choral music, all the hats (good and hideous), Kate's pretty dress, and the cute kids in the wedding party. Being the same age as William and Kate, I missed Charles & Diana's wedding, so it was fun to watch this one. They seem like a nice couple, and they looked happy, despite all the pomp and madness.

I took a break in the middle of the coverage to walk down to Humphry Slocombe for some ice cream from their special Royal Wedding menu. I took several pictures there, in between bites of my Eton Mess ice cream, but it was the random paper on a pole near the house that made the cut as picture of the day. I thought it was still fitting, and it reminded me a little of the movie Love Actually, which tied in with the British too!

119/365 love actually is all around

It feels like I should continue through the end of our weekend with Rich, but that's for next time...

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