Monday, April 25, 2011

sick week

I wasn't feeling well for the better part of week 16. I started to feel kind of icky around the previous Friday, actually, so I didn't try very hard with that white chocolate duck shot. Since I spent several days with a vague feeling of nausea/motion sickness, I ended up with a few rather half-assed shots. Looking through the viewfinder of my camera just wasn't helping. (And no, I'm not pregnant.)

On Saturday, I was still feeling okay enough to go to the Ferry Building with Steve. I could have done without the stuffy, warm BART ride each way, though. At least I was mostly fine once we got there. The first stop was at Far West Fungi to get some mushrooms for the tacos were planning to have for lunch the next day. They didn't have plain Chanterelles, so Steve picked out some Black Trumpets and some Yellowfoots—the ones in the foreground in this picture, actually. He grabbed some of the fiddlehead ferns too, bought a squab from the butcher, and we had the makings for our dinner that night, using the extra mushrooms.

106/365 far west

Sunday was a work day for me, and Steve made the Chanterelle Tacos from Heidi Swanson's new book, Super Natural Every Day, for our lunch. I was feeling fine for work, but my appetite for food and my patience for styling it was a little smaller than usual. While they might not have sounded terribly appealing to me at the time, the mushroom tacos were very good. I was a bit less enthused with my picture of them.

107/365 mushroom tacos

The feeling of "ick" continued on Monday, and I was even less motivated to take pictures. Luckily, we had a Miette gingerbread cupcake in the fridge from Saturday's Ferry Building excursion. I was a little disappointed to get it out of its takeout box and see that it wasn't the most perfect example of a cupcake, especially since I've taken numerous pictures of gingerbread cupcakes before. But it was the only idea I had for the day. To make it slightly different from all those pictures I had taken previously, I put the macro extension tube on my 50mm lens and got closer. That was less than awesome for the nausea, but the picture came out pretty well.

108/365 gingerbread cupcake

Tuesday was the worst for being sick. I spent the first part of the day curled up on the couch and the second half (after showering) curled up on the bed. Knowing I still needed a picture of the day, I dragged out the camera around 4pm. I halfheartedly shot a few frames of my fuzzy socks hanging on the drying rack and then a few frames of the view from the bed, with our expensive throw pillow from Room & Board in the foreground. That was about the extent of my creativity for the day. (The picture of the fuzzy socks was later deemed too boring to post.)

109/365 view from a nap

I went to the doctor on Wednesday, even though I was starting to feel a little better. The real stomach buggy part of the sickness appeared to have passed on Tuesday, even though I was still really hesitant about eating much. The doctor decided it was probably some sort of virus giving me gastroenteritis. She told me to eat bland foods until I felt better, and that was that. After returning home, I stopped downstairs to see Carmen's new purchase from Paxton Gate's Curiosities for Kids: a stuffed (literally) and mounted horse head. I helped her figured out where she wanted to hang it in the nursery, but I took a picture of it in a temporary location in their dining room first.

110/365 meet coco

I had to go to Noe Valley to run an errand on Thursday. It might have been smarter to just drive, rather than walk the mile there and back, but walking afforded more opportunities for pictures. After so many days of blah pictures in a row, I was in need of something more interesting. Easter decorations in a shop window did the trick. I felt dehydrated again by the time I got home, but at least I felt like I had accomplished more.

111/365 rabbit herd

Because I'm nice, I agreed to help a student with some audition material on Friday afternoon. The drive to the studio and back made me a little motion sick again; however, I was starting to feel better overall. When I got back to the city, I took a walk around the block to look for pictures. Little flowers peaking out of a crack in a fence? Works for me. It ties in with "Fence Friday" and with Earth Day.

112/365 good earth friday

That wraps up my week of sick. Good riddance. As of Saturday and Sunday, I'm back to eating normal food. I also seem to have finally kicked the weird nausea/vertigo. Happy Easter, indeed!

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