Friday, July 1, 2011

arrival of the in-laws

Time to continue with the 365 pictures (and dispense with the introductory paragraph).

Despite photographing our lunch of cauliflower soup on Saturday, June 4, I didn't really have anything I wanted to use for the picture of the day. To remedy that, I joined Steve for the walk to the butcher shop that afternoon. But rather than going inside with him, I continued down Church St., where the fruit outside the corner store drew my eye. It was more colorful than the cauliflower soup, at least.

155/365 fruit stand

Sunday was a day of meetings and a few early auditions for the summer show. When I got home, I took pictures of the dinner that Steve made for us: Fettucine with Dried Tomatoes, Cream and Prawns from What Katie Ate. We really liked it, and I managed to style it such that I was happy with the picture. I think the recipe is a keeper!

156/365 shrimpy pasta

On Monday, I was feeling like it was time to actually read through my Thoroughly Modern Millie script, since we would be starting auditions and rehearsals three weeks later. Rather than sitting on my own couch, I went to Fiore Caffe and found a spot to drink my mocha and read my script in style. I also snapped a couple pictures when the opportunity presented itself. The owner of the laptop in the picture below had gotten up to use the bathroom, opening up my view of the entrance and the chalk open/closed sign.

157/365 fiore caffe

We had a few more early auditions on Tuesday afternoon—kids who would be missing the actual audition week. I took the long way around the block to the car to see about getting a picture before I left, and I passed these fuzzy purple flowers next to the park. Mission accomplished.

158/365 the fuzzy purple ones

Then, the parents arrived in town on Wednesday. And by "town," I mean the RV park in Pacifica. Steve's parents had left home in their RV not long after taking us to the airport, and it took them about a week and a half to get here. As we do every year, we went down to see them at their RV that evening with Dan and Carmen. I made sure we left early enough to get there while it was still light out, and I snuck out for a picture of the coastline shortly after we arrived. Unfortunately, the place seems to be crumbling into the ocean; they keep moving the lines back.

159/365 sharp dropoff

The next day, Carmen and I had a little photo shoot. We wanted to get a few more belly shots before her due date, and Carmen had some ideas she wanted to try. When we went into the nursery, I saw Gloria the Goose on the rocking chair and decided that that would be a cute picture with the jingly bunny in there too. I took a few pictures of Carmen with the bunny after that, but I only decided to post a few pictures from that day. (The ones of Carmen and the bunny didn't make the cut.)

160/365 some bunny

For Friday, I thought Bonnie might like to join me for a walk down to Bi-Rite Market when they came into SF for the afternoon/evening. On the way, I took a picture of some horsetails in front of the new-ish condo buildings on Guerrero. We saw horsetails on my family's farm when we were in IL, but these reminded me of the ones that used to be in front of Stem, not far from Bi-Rite (next to the creamery).

161/365 horsetails

And that was week 23. On to writing the next!

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