Wednesday, July 27, 2011

the cat days of summer

Another week down, this time with many pinks and reds, two kitties, and two Elsa pictures. Let the round-up commence.

That Saturday's photo subject was our dessert: a strawberry and cream trifle recipe that I found online back in February or March when I was looking for things to serve in our little Weck jars. It took a few months for strawberry season to come around, but we were finally able to make these. Actually, Steve made all the components—sponge cake with meyer lemon zest, vanilla creme fraiche whipped cream, and strawberries macerated in a little meyer lemon juice—and I assembled them in the containers. Since we only have two of the Weck jars, I used juice glasses for the other two servings. Of course, those were the ones that turned out to be the most photogenic. These turned out to be really good, and we made them again the last Saturday. I took the lead on the sponge cake this time, and we did a full batch for eight people.

197/365 strawberry & cream trifles

Sunday was the day of Elsa's first real bath, and I went downstairs to take pictures of it. Elsa seemed to be busy trying to figure out what was going on at first, but she eventually decided that she didn't like it and screamed through the rest. A while later, I went back downstairs to get some pictures of Elsa in her co-sleeper, next to Dan and Carmen's bed. (She was much happier by then.) She has her own little corner with a mobile and everything, but she'll be outgrowing it soon and graduating to the crib for sleeping at night.

198/365 elsa's corner

On Monday as I was getting ready to shower before work, I heard a cat crying. I looked out the bathroom window and managed to locate the source across the street: a kitty was meowing outside a door and looking like it really wanted to go inside. Clearly, it had gotten out by mistake. Since it was still there after I dried my hair, I went outside to check things out. I petted her a little, took a couple pictures, and then tried ringing the doorbell. No was home, though, and the cat wasn't wearing a collar or a tag with a number of an owner to call. I couldn't do much else, so I just had go back home and hope that the cat's owner would return soon. The cat appeared to be smart enough to stay close, and Aroara, one of the friendlier neighborhood cats, seemed to be hanging around and keeping an eye on her.

199/365 poor sad kitty

Tuesday's picture was pretty low-effort, since I was busy trying to find places for us to stay in each of the cities we're visiting in Europe. (Cinque Terre and Rome were the most challenging.) It was a good day to just go outside after work and take a picture of the flowering plant that Carmen had gotten the previous Friday. Not a particularly exciting shot for day 200, but I do kind of like it.

200/365 pretty flowers

The second cat picture for the week was taken on Wednesday evening. We went to SouthEnd for burgers and walked back on the side of the street where we usually see kitties. Aroara magically appeared, looking for attention, and she stayed still long enough for me to get a shot of her that was in focus.

201/365 the cat with the rhinestone collar

I had an early dentist appointment on Thursday, which put me near Union Square with freshly cleaned teeth just before 10am. There was some sort of art show going on, similar to the people who set up shop near the Ferry Building. Most of the "art" made me cringe, but I did like the colors of the paintings in the picture below, especially outside and against the blue sky. After crossing through Union Square, I went to the Merrell store (behind that purple painting) and bought a pair of shoes I had been meaning to get for the Europe trip.

202/365 union square

The next morning, Carmen called me to see if I could keep an eye on Elsa while she ran a quick errand. Elsa was sleeping the whole time in her bouncy seat, so it was easy babysitting. I was risking waking her up, but I snapped a few pictures anyway. I took a few more that night, since it was pizza night with the in-laws; this had the best light, though.

203/365 sleeping baby

That's all for week 29! Only lots more to go...

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  1. Just a nit-pick - you're not going to Europe, because then you'd be visiting me here in Belgium. You're going to Southern Europe. O, and bring good weather. It's been the wettest July since forever, basically and we could use some sunshine. Or periods of non-rain.