Wednesday, August 3, 2011

week thirty

Last week was week 30 of the 365 project. Unfortunately, I was feeling pretty uninspired most days, so it's not exactly my favorite collection of pictures.

Saturday's shot was one that I liked, though. It was Bruce and Bonnie's last night in town, and Carmen's parents had arrived a few days before. So Steve made a chile verde dinner for all of us that night, and I made those strawberry trifles again for dessert. Between dinner and dessert, we went out to the alley for a quick photo shoot. This was the first opportunity I had gotten to take pictures of Jimmy and Phoung with their new granddaughter, and it was my last chance to get one of Bruce and Bonnie with Elsa. Luckily, she waited until after we were done to start her evening cry fest.

204/365 the grandparents

In the afternoon on Sunday, I joined Dan, Carmen, and Carmen's parents for a hike up to Bernal Hill. Enzo and Elsa went too, of course, but Elsa was sleeping in her carrier the entire time. Despite taking several pictures, a lot of my options were kind of bland. The hill gets rather dry and brown in the summer and doesn't photograph all that well. One reason I chose the shot of Dan and Carmen as my picture of the day was because it had more greens in it—not just brown grass and blue sky. But also, it shows Elsa in her carrier. (Assuming she was actually in there. I didn't see her much, so those hiccups and squeaks might have been a recording...)

205/365 baby's first bernal

The next day, Steve and I broke out some Pierce Pt cheese as an appetizer before dinner. He had purchased it from Cowgirl Creamery in the Ferry Building on Saturday after I requested some St Pat. They were out of St Pat for the season, but this was similar. The rind was covered with herbs instead of nettles like St Pat. It was pretty enough that I went to the trouble of setting up a shot on the coffee table before we dug in.

206/365 pierce pt

My other option for the picture of the day on Monday had been one I was saving for a day when I had no other ideas. The subject was a blue Vespa that's usually parked on the sidewalk across the street. I just needed to catch it in the morning—when it was in the shade—or on a cloudy day. Since I went with the cheese shot on Monday, I decided to reshoot the Vespa for Tuesday. I was tempted to just change the time stamp on the picture from the previous day, but I'm not a cheater. :)

207/365 blue vespa

On Wednesday, I felt like I was copping out again when I went for the easy picture after getting home from work. I opened a bag of mechanical pencils that Steve had bought for me and put them in a little metal pail that had been a container for ricotta cheese. Very little effort was involved, but at least I was able to land on a more dynamic angle after the first few boring shots.

208/365 colored pencils

Thursday was one of those nights when I had no ideas (again), which meant that Steve and I needed to go looking for something. Deciding it was pizza night, we went to eat at Pi Bar rather than bringing the pizza home. After dinner, a walk to the corner store was needed to get some spreadable goat cheese for a party we were attending the next night. On the way, we passed a green scrolly fence with nasturtium flowers poking out. I figured that would at least go well with the very colorful mechanical pencil picture from the day before.

209/365 nasturtium

After work on Friday, Steve and I mixed up our goat cheese spread for the party at Erica's house. It was the easiest appetizer ever: chopped thyme and chives, a glug of olive oil, and a little black pepper with goat cheese. Stir and serve with crackers. I spent most of my time at the party chatting with work friends (or former work friends), but I did get a couple pictures taken before most of the people arrived. Erica has a nice little hanging garden in her backyard, made from re-purposed Crocs and aqua socks. I had seen it before, but I forgot about it until I saw it again. It was practically begging to be photographed.

210/365 hanging garden

And another (very colorful) week is past. Powering through... Just this one more week and I'll be done with the busyness of the summer show.

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