Saturday, August 13, 2011

show week

I guess it's time to get this published... Here's the 365 post from tech/show week of Millie, beginning with two weeks ago today.

I decided that Steve needed to make a crumble that weekend to finally take advantage of all the summer stone fruit while it's still in season. In order to acquire the necessary fruit for the crumble and accompanying nectarine ice cream, we walked down to Bi-Rite Market. It seemed the next best thing to going to an actual farmers market, since they often have fruit from the same farms. And since we were going to Bi-Rite Market, we had to go to Bi-Rite Creamery for a snack. It was a nice day, though, so of course the line stretched down to the corner. We bailed and got balsamic strawberry & vanilla twist soft serve from the soft serve window. Not quite as satisfying as the regular ice cream, but the line was much shorter. When we were finished with our cones, I went back and took a picture of the sign that had caught my eye earlier, next to the main queue.

211/365 for boys & squirrels

Sunday was crumble-making day, I've taken pictures of our crumbles a few times before. This time I felt like taking pictures of the fruit itself, before it was all cut up. So here are the peaches, plums, and blackberries that went into the dessert, along with a few oats for good measure.

212/365 let's get ready to crumble

It was back to work on Monday, playing for an afternoon spacing rehearsal in the theater, getting dinner nearby, and then returning for a rehearsal with the band for the show. Between dinner and the second rehearsal, I killed some time by reading Pride and Prejudice on my iPhone, in the car with the windows rolled down. Pride and Prejudice was my first download for iBooks, since it's old enough to be free (public domain). I hadn't read it since junior year of high school, so it seemed a good time to revisit it. It also helps that I know the plot well enough from various movie versions that I don't have to worry about forgetting what's going on between the rare occasions that I sit down to read it.

213/365 austen for iphone

More tech rehearsals at the theater on Tuesday meant less time to find something at home to photograph. I didn't even go out to get my dinner that night, since there was pizza at the theater. When we started our tech/dress run of the show after dinner, I realized that I still hadn't taken any pictures that day, and I wouldn't be leaving the theater until after dark. Pictures of my music or the keyboard in the pit were completely boring, so I took a few shots of the action on stage between songs. Still no stage makeup on the actors, but costumes and wigs were an improvement. This shot of Nick as Trevor and Taylor as Millie was one of the few pictures that turned out okay.

214/365 the view from the pit

I didn't get very creative on Wednesday either, I'm afraid. It was another afternoon and evening stuck in the pit, so I took some more pictures of the show during the afternoon dress rehearsal. I had packed my 50mm lens, which worked a bit better than the 35mm, and the kids were wearing makeup this time. While I still didn't get a ton of keepers, I got a better version of a shot that I took the previous day: Millie and Jimmy, at the window ledge, before "I Turned the Corner."

215/365 millie & jimmy

For Thursday's picture, I decided to stick with the show theme. After all, it was opening night, so why stop then? I did get some insurance, taking a picture of some Japanese maple flowers in my neighborhood while I was home that afternoon. But I managed to grab a picture of various hats and wigs on a table in the green room after the show, which was more appropriate for the occasion.

216/365 hats n' stuff

Finally, Friday was a lovely day off, as the younger kids had their opening night for You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown. How did I spend my day off? I hung out with Carmen and Elsa. We went for ice cream at Humphry Slocombe, chilled downstairs, then did pizza for dinner with the guys. It had been almost two weeks since I had seen the baby, so the project was due for another Elsa shot, right? Especially one of Elsa in an outfit that makes her look like a baby jedi.

217/365 young padawan

In the next post: the closing of Millie and my birthday. But first, the July mosaic.

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