Monday, August 22, 2011

the week i turned 29 (for the first time)

And then it was August, and the summer show was finishing already. Since I dragged Steve with me to the Saturday night performance, we decided to have an early dinner at Mission Cheese before we had to leave for the theater. It provided me with an opportunity to get a picture of the day, as well as giving Steve the chance to finally try the grilled cheese there. We snagged a couple seats at the counter, and I took a picture of our order letter "E," after noticing that it had a Mission Cheese logo embossed on it.

218/365 e is for estero gold

Sunday was the very last show for Thoroughly Modern Millie, as well as Erica's last day as the director of the program. It was all very momentous, and I took zero pictures at the theater. (Oops.) So I had to find something to shoot when I got home. I had some sparkling wine in the fridge, which I figured would be fittingly celebratory, at least. And to spruce it up a bit—and make the shot more day-specific—I used the flowers I had gotten from the students and some ribbon and confetti that had been on a present from Erica. The show itself turned out well, and the kids did a great job. After 7 summers with Erica, it was a good last show.

219/365 end of an era

With Millie officially closed, I had no plans for things to shoot on Monday. Steve and I were babysitting Elsa that night, which had possibilities, but I still got a little antsy by 6pm and felt like I needed to get something on the old CF card. The light was interesting in the living room at the time, so it was easy enough to put our stuffed elephant and pig on the arm of the chair and take a few pictures. They had been on my list of backup plans since the beginning of the year. While it seemed a shame to use the idea in anything less than a photo emergency, it was probably a good thing I did. During our babysitting, I was too busy eating my dinner (while jiggling the bouncy seat with my foot) and then feeding and holding the baby. She was very good for us, but my camera stayed in its bag.

220/365 at home (with piggy & elephant)

On Tuesday afternoon, I was due for a walk to Noe Valley to run some errands. On my way by the bakery, I noticed a very special Angry Birds cake in the window. I've never actually played Angry Birds—I'm more of a "Cut the Rope" kind of girl myself—but I still recognize the awesomeness of this cake. And yes, that makes two pig-themed pictures in a row.

221/365 pigture of the day

From pigs to figs... Steve baked up a Fig Tart with Frangipane on Wednesday morning before he left for work. (He had prepped it the night before.) This was to use up the extra figs that Steve bought at the farmers market, but it made a nice picture of the day and a nice breakfast too. Although it was very pretty, it needed a bit more salt to balance the sweetness of the figs. A sprinkling of vanilla salt on top fixed that.

222/365 figgy tart

Thursday, day 223, was my birthday! I had planned to take a picture of my cake when Steve arrived home with it, but it was missing the cute flowers that usually go on our birthday cakes from Miette. They must have forgotten to ask Steve if he wanted them when he picked it up. So to give the picture some extra color, I used the tulips that Steve brought home for me.

Usually we go out to dinner with Dan, Carmen, Rob, and Traci for birthdays, but I figured that it would be nice to stay home this year so Elsa could join us. Dan and Carmen provided the setting and the party hats, and Steve cooked our main course. (Cheese from Cowgirl Creamery was an easy appetizer.) I had requested the Five-Spiced Roasted Maine Lobster with Port-Poached Figs and Sautéed Foie Gras from the French Laundry Cookbook, or as I like call it, figgy foie lobster. It was a very good birthday dinner, followed by presents—a few books, a couple filters for my 35mm lens, a cool bud vase from Dan and Carmen—and cake, of course.

223/365 my birthday

Carmen sent home the many birthday balloons with us that night, and I thought I would maybe take a picture of them when it was light out the next day. Then, when I got up on Friday morning, I went into the dining room and found them all sitting on the floor, strings still tied to the chair. I had forgotten how quickly helium fails in regular balloons. As a result, my balloon picture ended up looking a little more hungover than I had intended. Somehow I didn't mind, though.

224/365 party's over


  1. Happy belated birthday Emily. Wish you the best and continue shooting!

  2. Happy belated birthday, as well. Great pictures!