Sunday, January 22, 2012

close to home

Week 2 of the new year was pretty calm. Sadly, the sudden burst of inspiration that appeared the previous week was wearing off a bit. All these pictures were taken at home, partly because the daily themes lent themselves to that. But also I was being lazy.

I actually decided not to use the theme for that Sunday. It was "Your Sky," which sounded kind of boring to me. I wanted to take a picture of our lunch instead, since we finally got around to making the black bean salad with tomatoes, almonds, feta, and lemon zest from Heidi Swanson's Super Natural Every Day. It was a good combination of flavors and felt like a nice healthy lunch.

8/366 black bean salad

That night, we went to see the Mythbusters live show at the Golden Gate Theater. It turned out to be fun and entertaining, although it needed some more rehearsal. There were a few lags, places where they didn't remember immediately what came next or where to find their light to stand in, etc. And overall, I would have liked a little more explanation of the science behind the demonstrations. It kind of felt like they were just moving from cool demonstration to demonstration without really tying them together or explaining just what made them cool. It's still relatively early in their tour, though, so they should get more comfortable with everything and figure out what works. Unfortunately, I didn't bring my camera, because they allowed pictures (without flash, of course). They even had a quick photo op in the middle, during which they posed with a sledge hammer. I did at least take this shot with my phone before the show started. The ones with the sledge hammer didn't turn out as well.

Monday's theme was Daily Routine, which brought to mind images of toothbrushes. I, however, did not wish to take a picture of my toothbrush. I shot pictures of the shelf of shampoo bottles in the shower and my workout clothes sitting on my mat, and then I decided that those were about as interesting as a picture of a toothbrush. I finally dropped the "daily" and decided that "routine" was good enough. Monday is towel washing day, so I took pictures of the stack of freshly washed towels on the bed.

9/366 routine

Tuesday was Childhood day, which required a little brainstorming again. I had already taken pictures of my old quilt and bunny, my Raggedy Ann & Andy, and my toy rocking chair three years ago, during my first 365. Then I remembered that I still have my old stuffed Siamese kitty. I was always more attached to my blankies than the stuffed animals, but this one has stuck around. After taking a few pictures of the kitty, I went through my photo albums to find pictures of it when it was new. I got it for my first birthday—from my parents, I think—and apparently, it came in handy when it was time to take the Christmas pictures that Thanksgiving too. Click through (at the caption) to see the scanned pictures that I posted to the comments section of the Flickr photo.

10/366 childhood

On Wednesday, I had to take a picture for "Where You Sleep." This was something I had done before, back in the spring of 2010, after we bought that duvet cover and pillow. So rather than taking this shot a second time, I tried to shoot it straight on and get everything symmetrical. After tinkering with it quite a bit, I still couldn't get it perfect. This was about the best I could do.  

11/366 where i sleep

Next, it was "Close-Up" for Thursday. I put the extension tube on the camera and went looking for something around the house to shoot a macro of. First, I tried the cover of a little box that used to belong to my mother, and then I ended up taking pictures of the dried hydrangeas from my wedding bouquet. This hydrangea picture was the more interesting of the choices.

12/366 close-up

Friday was another theme that didn't excite me much: In Your Bag. I would have cheated and just taken a picture of my bag, but I've done that before with both of the bags I use frequently. (Here and here.) So I broke down and took a picture of the stuff I keep in my bag. No pretty hand creams or lipsticks here. It's mostly camera stuff and practical things. Click through if you want to read the whole list, since I'm not going to bother pasting it here.

13/366 in my bag

Last Saturday, the prompt was Something You're Reading. After a visit to the butcher shop with Steve, I settled into the big brown chair to read some more of Helene Dujardin's Plate to Pixel, which I started in November. I had to hold the camera over my head to take this, but I eventually got a composition that I liked.

Too bad I finished the whole Hunger Games trilogy on the Kindle iPhone app between Christmas and New Year's, because I would used that for a picture. With everything else going on then, I never did get around to it. The food photography book probably made for a more interesting shot, though. It certainly filled the frame more than my phone would.

14/366 something i'm reading

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