Sunday, January 1, 2012

countdown to thanksgiving

Happy 2012! My first resolution of the new year: catch up on the ol' blog.

November ended with a lot of food, as most Novembers do. The Saturday before Thanksgiving was yet another dreary day, with little to tempt me in the way of photos. Then, I saw the bread that Steve had laid out on the table to dry for the Thanksgiving stuffing. Gray days may be darker and more depressing, but they can provide interesting light and shadows.

323/365 countdown to thanksgiving

For Sunday's lunch, Steve made a beet salad that I had found on What Katie Ate. It had beets, butternut squash, goat cheese, and pumpkin seeds—Steve used the seeds from the butternut squash. He also used mixed greens instead of romaine lettuce. It was a pretty salad, but I didn't have very much time to fuss over the plating for my picture. I had to leave for the closing matinee of Bat Boy.

324/365 squash & beet salad

Lacking inspiration again on Monday, I decided to get a mocha from Ritual and finally sit down to read some of Helene Dujardin's food photography book. I got it for my birthday in August, but I was so busy with trip planning, traveling, and then trip photos that I hadn't gotten a chance to look at it much.

325/365 in search of inspiration

On Tuesday, my friend Chrissy came to visit. I picked her up at the Millbrae train station, we came back to the city, and we went to see the Twilight movie. (I'm sure our husbands appreciated being spared another cheesy vampire flick.) Afterward, we had lunch at Mission Cheese, where I took my only pictures that day. We were too busy chatting and chilling for me to do much else. Then we came back to my house, watched a little How I Met Your Mother—trying to get Chrissy hooked—and Steve brought home burritos for dinner.

326/365 mission cheese

Wednesday was another show day, seeing Fela! at the Curran Theater. Steve and I had dinner at Gitane beforehand, and I took a couple pictures of the fancy mannequins in a shop window nearby. Dinner was great; the show was kind of long and one-note for me.

327/365 sophisticated lady

On to Thanksgiving! As is tradition, Carmen cooked the bird. (This year's was named "Tyrone.") Meanwhile, Steve made a bunch of sides: mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, roasted vegetables. I made my usual pumpkin ginger swirl cheesecake, and Carmen made an apple pie. (I also provided some pre-dinner entertainment for Elsa, taking her for a walk when Carmen was trying to clean the house.) Salads and a macaroni & cheese were brought by other guests. There were about 10 of us, plus one kid and Elsa. For the picture of the day, I give you Tyrone.

328/365 thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving behind us, I allowed myself a Christmas-themed picture on Friday. I didn't actually decorate the place until December 1, but I was desperate enough for a picture that day to break out the snowman and owl that I bought after Christmas last year. That was the year I was obsessed with felted wool ornaments.

329/365 christmas decorations

Almost done with November now! Stay tuned for a quick 5-part tour of December (and the last few days of November).

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