Friday, December 30, 2011

powering through

Yup, two posts in one day. Continuing with the month of November...

Steve and I went to the Ferry Building one Saturday in order to get some ingredients for dinner: squab, sunchokes, and mushrooms. It was nearly closing time for the farmers market by the time we got there, but I managed to get a few shots as the vendors were starting to pack up. I went with the colorful rainbow chard for the picture of the day.

316/365 rainbow chard

We had our squab with sunchoke puree and mushrooms on Saturday night for dinner, but Steve saved some of the mushrooms to go on top of Sunday's lunch as well. He made the Richard Olney garlic soup that was featured on 101 Cookbooks a couple years ago. It's not a very colorful soup, but the mushrooms and some thyme on top helped for the picture. The flavor was, not surprisingly, very garlicky. It was good, though.

317/365 garlic soup

After a few days of learning the keyboard 2 part of Bat Boy: The Musical as fast as I could, it was time to go to a dress rehearsal for the show on Monday afternoon. I was going to take the easy way out and shoot a picture of my score on the seat of the car, but then I caught sight of some flowers in the parking lot.

318/365 parking lot flower

So I saved my easy shot for Tuesday afternoon, on my way to another rehearsal. It was a good thing I bought the Bat Boy CD about 5 years ago, because I don't really buy CDs anymore. They take up more space than mp3s, but they do make better pictures.

319/365 bat boy

Carmen and I went on a walk on Wednesday afternoon, since I didn't have to be at rehearsal until that evening. It was a surprisingly warm day, so we headed in the direction of Bi-Rite Creamery and tracked down the new location of Pot + Pantry while we were at it. We chatted with the owner a bit, and I took some pictures. The new store is super cute, like the old one, but a little bigger.

320/365 pot + pantry

Back to less exciting pictures on Thursday, I took a walk around the block and shot some purple flowers.

321/365 shrub with purple flowers

And more flowers on Friday. I went to Noe Valley for something that afternoon and saw some interesting ones peeking through a fence on the way.

322/365 escaping flower

This may be one of my shortest posts yet! I was too busy editing photos and playing for Bat Boy that week to do much else that was worth talking about—or photographing.

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