Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I may be close to caught up with posting pictures to Flickr now, but I'm still way behind on the blogging of the 365 project. Time to chip away another week from the ever growing backlog of posts.
I went shopping on Valencia Street on the last Saturday of October, and the window of 826 Valencia caught my eye. They had a whole Gulliver/Lilliput scene set up, with the a dollhouse full of Lilliputians and their usual boy mannequin playing the role of Gulliver. But my favorite part for the purposes of the picture of the day was the book that was to the side, setting the scene with the help of a Lilliputian.

302/365 the folly of lilliput

While I was shopping for other things, I found myself a new favorite mug at Aldea Home. For Sunday, I had Steve make me my usual morning coffee in that same foxy mug, and I took a picture of it in its spot on the coffee table.

303/365 new mug

Halloween was on Monday, and I had gotten a few ideas the night before, when we walked home from Alyson's birthday dinner at Andalu. There were some interesting Halloween displays in the store windows along Valencia, and most of them had enough light to make pictures at night a possibility. Since I hadn't brought my camera with me on Sunday, it worked out well to take a walk there on Halloween night. (It's not like we got any trick-or-treaters down our little alley anyway.) I had remembered the rat mask on the mannequin in the window of Dema, but I was also drawn to the mannequins with wigs in the window of Retro Fit.

304/365 a very valencia halloween

It was back to the other side of the street the next day for a Dia de los Muertos picture. I had hoped to find something in the window of Casa Bonampek, but I ended up liking this picture from the window of Laku better. It had a nice warm fall feel for the beginning of November, in addition to a couple of skulls.

305/365 day of the dead

Steve and I went to see Hair that Wednesday and had dinner at Zero Zero before the show. My favorite thing that we ordered was the shells with butternut squash, sage croutons, and crumbled gorgonzola. It looked a bit like macaroni & cheese, but it tasted like fall.

306/365 fall pasta

For Thursday's picture, I decided that it was time to take another calendar shot. I usually try to do those on the first of the month, but I hadn't needed to use the idea then. So it was taken on November 3, which is when I actually got around to changing the calendar anyway, from September and October to just November. Since it was a little colder and drearier that day, the bedspread felt like a fitting backdrop for the soup picture.

307/365 november

Last, I babysat Elsa for a while on Friday afternoon. When Carmen got back, I took a few pictures of the Vespa figurine that we brought back for her from this shop in Orvieto. I kind of wish we had gotten one of these for ourselves, but this one has a good home. It even made it onto their Christmas tree.

308/365 the vespa

That's one more month done... Here's the mosaic for October.

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