Friday, December 30, 2011

early november

Early November was when it started to finally feel like fall in San Francisco. The lingering warmth of Indian summer left right after Halloween, and the weather took on a slight chill. I went with Steve to the butcher shop that first Saturday to pick up something for dinner. It's not necessarily my favorite direction to walk in search of pictures, but I needed a subject for the day. I certainly wasn't finding one around the house. On our way back through the park, I saw some lavender hydrangeas that hadn't started to wilt yet—a bit of color for a mostly gray day.

309/365 lavender hydrangeas

On Sunday, Steve and I went to brunch at Beretta with Dan, Carmen, Elsa, and Bonnie. Since Dan had to do some work in Phoenix for a few days, they had flown in Steve and Dan's mom to help Carmen with Elsa. This was the beginning of her stay, before Dan left that night, and Elsa even behaved well enough that we all got to eat our food.

310/365 brunch with elsa

Like many of the days before it, Monday was spent editing photos from the Europe trip. And like so many of those days, I didn't feel like going out to take pictures of something else when I was on a roll. The difference this time was that I took the easy way out and shot a picture of my laptop with Lightroom open. At least it was an accurate portrayal of that day.

311/365 endless editing

I did leave the house to do stuff on Tuesday, however. I needed to run some errands downtown, so I stopped at the Anthropologie afterward. It's always reliable for a picture or two, and I didn't even mind too much that they put the Christmas ornaments out insanely early. I didn't use shots of the Christmas ornaments as my picture of the day, though. I have principles.

312/365 stuffed moose

Wednesday required another trip—this time to San Bruno. The day before, I had received an emergency email from a friend in need of a keyboard player for his high school's musical. Since I had enjoyed working with him last year, when he played a show for me, I agreed to do it. We met outside the mall in San Bruno on Wednesday so that I could get the score from him, and I took a random picture of the landscaping while I was waiting.

313/365 suburban jungle

We did our usual pizza night downstairs that Thursday, instead of our usual Friday. While I was hanging out with Bonnie and Carmen before dinner, I took a few pictures of Elsa in her bouncy seat. That was our present to Dan and Carmen for their baby shower, and I think this was around the time that they got out the toy attachment for the first time. Since our trip to Europe and their subsequent trip to MI, Elsa had become a lot more grabby and better able to take advantage of it.

314/365 bouncy seat

And finally, another picture that required very little effort. It was a rainy Friday, and I didn't want to go anywhere, so I took a picture of the magnolia flower blooming outside the bathroom window. I had my eye on it for a while, waiting for it to open, but this was as open as it ever got. With the cold weather, rain, and wind, it turned completely brown not long after.

315/365 wet magnolias

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