Thursday, February 23, 2012

two for one deal

Week 6 was a week with two food pictures and two Elsa pictures, hence the title of this post. The first of the food pictures was taken on Sunday—Super Bowl Sunday, in fact. We didn't really watch much of the Super Bowl that day, but Steve made us a quesadilla lunch that was fitting for the event. These were the Avocado Quesadillas (with cheese and tomatillo salsa inside) from A Platter of Figs, served with an onion relish. While they were good, we wouldn't necessarily feel compelled to make them again.

36/366 avocado quesadillas

Monday's project was cleaning out my closet/wardrobe. It's kind of my dumping ground for accessories, shoes, spare toiletries, jewelry I don't wear regularly, and clothing (of course). It was in need of a good purge. While I was organizing, I found this lion ring in a jewelry box. I think I wore it occasionally as a kid, and it's one of only a few pieces that I kept, since it's cute and vintagey. A quick macro of it on my bedside table was about all I ended up taking for pictures that day.

37/366 little lion ring

On Tuesday morning, Carmen invited me downstairs for some of the lemon almond tea cake that she had just made. (It was very good.) Afterward, she and Elsa came up to my place so that Carmen could see the progress I had made the last two weeks. And Elsa sat on the floor in the living room for a while, looking adorable for some pictures. She was very into strings at the time.

38/366 tethered

What probably would have been my picture on Tuesday (if not for Elsa) became my picture for Wednesday. It was a bottle of elderflower soda that Steve had brought home for me from the Ferry Building. I've been a little obsessed with anything elderflower/elderberry in the last year or two, and I recently discovered that Boulettes Larder in the Ferry Building carries this brand of soda from the UK. After trying it, I think I still prefer my elderflower flavor as part of a cocktail, but it does make a refreshing soda. At first, I thought it reminded me of peach/apple, with the floral quality of something like lavender. Later, I realized it reminds me a lot of lychee. Also, the packaging is really charming.

39/366 elderflower soda

Then, it was my turn to go to the Ferry Building on Thursday. I was on a secret mission for mini disposable loaf pans, honey, and a honey dipper for Steve's Valentine's Day breakfast (and accompanying photo). I got there just as the Thursday farmers market was packing up—I had forgotten about that—and snagged a cute little container of honey from the Marshall's Farm people. Then, I stopped at Sur La Table for the loaf pans, and I found a little honey dipper, cheap, at the honey kiosk. With all that accomplished, I ended up taking my picture of the day on my way out: an old F Muni car, stopped out front. From there, I walked to all the way to CB2 to buy some picture frames for the dining room. Luckily, it was a really nice day.

40/366 f train

Friday's weather was not quite so nice; it was getting chilly and looked like it might start raining. Nevertheless, that didn't stop Carmen and me from going to Humphry Slocombe for ice cream. Elsa came along in the Baby Bjorn, wearing her hood and providing me with an opportunity for a second baby picture that week. It's nice to take pictures of her outside, where I don't have to crank up the ISO so much.

41/366 in the hood

My second food picture was made possible by Steve's pre-Valentine's Day trip to the Ferry Building farmers market on Saturday. I thought I would take pictures of the lady apples that he needed to buy for one of the recipes, but he didn't end up finding them. Instead, I took pictures of the many root vegetables that he brought home. There were beets, purple potatoes, celery roots, baby carrots, and sunchokes. The beets and carrots were for use on Valentine's Day (or with leftovers, in the case of the carrots). The potatoes, celery root, and sunchokes were actually for our lunch on Sunday. But I'll get to that in the next post...

42/366 the roots

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