Monday, April 16, 2012

the end of march

Let's round out the month of March with week 13, shall we? That Sunday, it was back to food pictures with some garlic scape soup. Steve has made this recipe from Heidi Swanson's Super Natural Cooking a few times before, but I still hadn't gotten a decent picture of it. Since Steve found garlic scapes at the farmers market the day before, we remedied that situation at lunch on Sunday. He also tried to make a pea, ricotta, and mint spread; however, that didn't turn out as well as we'd hoped. It tasted disturbingly like peanut butter—not too appealing for one who is allergic to peanuts. As a result, I stuck with the soup for my pictures, rather than bothering to take any of the spread.

85/366 garlic scape soup

I babysat Elsa for a while again that Monday afternoon. This time, she was awake when I came downstairs, so I shot some pictures of her in her jumperoo. We played for a while, and then it was time to feed her a bottle and put her down for her second nap of the day. Conveniently, she took a decently long nap and woke up not long before Carmen got back. We went to Humphry Slocombe for some ice cream later, but I decided to go with the colorful jumperoo shot over the more monotone ice cream for my official picture of the day.

86/366 jumperoo

It was rainy on Tuesday, so I didn't venture out for any photo shoots. Instead, I took a picture of the cover of the Tina Fey book on my iPad. I'm liking this eBook thing... I'm not ready to get rid of my favorite physical books just yet, but this is great for new ones that I just want to read and not store in my house. So far, Bossypants is quite entertaining.

87/366 bossypants

Wednesday's weather was more agreeable, so I finally got downtown to see The Hunger Games. I thought the movie was done well—a relief after the Twilight movie(s). There were parts I thought could have been handled a little better, of course, but it's always hard to communicate all the nuances of a book when translating a first person narrative into a movie without voiceover cheats. Anyway, I took my picture of the day on the way out of the mall, after noticing these different colored bags in the Fossil store window.

88/366 colorful fossils

On Thursday, I decided that it was time to head down Valencia Street again, in hopes of taking more than one picture worthy of posting for the day. In reality, the only thing that matters for Project 365 (or 366) is that I have one shot to post daily. However, I feel much better when I have 2-3 good shots from the day that go well together. It makes for a much better Blurb book at the end of the year too, since page layouts can get pretty boring with a bunch of single shots. So as I often do when I take pictures on Valencia Street, I shot many things in store windows. After much deliberation, I decided that the weird hipster glasses display was the most compelling of them.

89/366 rack 'em

I was going to go out again on Friday to look for pictures, but then I happened to take a few snaps out the window of crows hanging out on the pole near the house. (This was around the time when we were hearing crows squawking several times a day. They've since been replaced by more pleasant sounding birds.) After editing the best shot and sticking it in a Blurb layout with the images from the day before, I decided that that was good enough for the day; it complemented the other shots pretty well. No need to look for more pictures!

90/366 the sound of crows (ick)

To make up for the relative laziness of Friday, Steve and I walked to Dynamo Donuts the next afternoon. Sadly, they had run out of my favorite lemon thyme donuts again, but we got a meyer lemon huckleberry to try, as well as a vanilla bean one. The meyer lemon huckleberry was indeed good, but I had forgotten how tasty the plain vanilla ones could be, especially fresh.

91/366 dynamo to go

That wraps up March, which calls for another monthly mosaic. And now, my mosaics have text again! The Picnik photo editing app has left Flickr, only to be replaced by the rather lame Aviary, but I found that PicMonkey does pretty much the same thing Picnik did for adding text to images. As a result, I've finally added the months and years to my mosaics for the first few months of this year. Hooray!

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