Monday, April 2, 2012

week of rain

This blog entry has been sitting in a Firefox tab, fully written, for at least a week... Clearly, it's time to get it posted and move on already. So here, without too much more editing and tinkering, is the wrap-up for week 11. It was dark and rainy from Tuesday to Friday that week, and it resulted in some of my least favorite shots in a long time. That's probably why I've delayed so long in posting this; I didn't really feel like reliving the dreariness.

Despite knowing that it might be the last sunny day for a while, I didn't feel much motivation to do anything that Sunday. Steve went with his dad and his brother to a computer museum in Mountain View that morning, and I was not at all tempted to join them. Instead, I stayed home and spent some time reading the vampire book that I had bought last May. I hadn't gotten around to reading more than a chapter of it then, so I figured it was time start over and get through it so I could be done with it. This is something like the tenth Sookie/True Blood book, and the series is getting a little old for me. If I decide to read more past this, I'll probably just get the Kindle versions.

71/366 light reading

On Monday afternoon, before the week's rain started, I took a walk down the street in an effort to find something to photograph. I was mostly uninspired, but I kind of liked the colors and textures of the tree branch that was on the ground by the park.

72/366 tree down

The rain started as predicted on Tuesday, and I of course had no desire to go outside that day. I decided to do another iteration of the "water droplets on a window" theme. I did two of these last winter, out each side of the living room windows. This time, I took the shot from the bedroom window and got Bernal Hill in the background.

73/366 rainy tuesday

Wednesday was Pi Day (3/14), which was apparently enough to lure me outside briefly, despite the miserable wind and rain. My plan was to go to nearby Mission Pie for a slice of pie and some pictures, even though I should have known it would be really busy there that day. I didn't get to try the banana cream pie that I wanted, since it was sold out. I also didn't see many places free to sit and eat there. Instead, I settled for one of their apple-huckleberry mini pies to bring home. It would be too big for me to eat by myself anyway, and I knew that Steve would like the huckleberries in it. I ended up taking pictures of it when I got back, and then we shared it with Steve's parents after dinner. It was really good.

74/366 pi(e) day

With no other picture ideas on Thursday afternoon, I asked Steve if he wanted to make us some steak frites (hanger steak with red wine sauce and fries) for dinner. It had been a while since we'd had it, and the picture that I took of the dish several years ago was in dire need of an update. (I won't even link to it; it's that cringe-worthy.) Because I was using the tabletop light, it was a little compositionally limiting, but it meant that I didn't need to rely on daylight for the picture. I was mostly just happy not to have to think of something to photograph on yet another rainy afternoon. 

75/366 steak frites

Still more rain on Friday, but there was a break in the middle of the day. I took the opportunity to go out and bother the neighborhood cat. It's another of those yearly patterns I fall into... I look out all the windows and often spot this cat on its porch across the street. During rainy days when I don't feel like going very far from home, it works out pretty well. Of course, now I can't use that idea again until next year. 

76/366 rainy day kitty

The weather finally turned sunny again on Saturday, although it was still rather chilly and windy. Since it was St. Patrick's Day, it was time again for a picture of clover. It doesn't seem to be too hard to find around the neighborhood, growing in the park and in front of a few houses on the block. I think the below shot was actually from the same house where I took my clover shot three years ago.

77/366 st. patrick's day

Hopefully that's the end of the depressing, mediocre weeks—and weather—for a while. Of course, this wasn't the last of the rain for the winter/spring, but it was definitely the worst of it.

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