Friday, March 23, 2012

sweet stuff

Week 10 was one of those during which I was not very inspired for photos. Most days, it felt like a fight to think of something and execute it in an interesting way. But the pictures have to be taken, and take them I did.

Sunday's subject was our breakfast: a "buckwheat baby" with salted caramel syrup from Smitten Kitchen. My friend Danielle had raved about it on Facebook, prompting me to pin it and have Steve make it for me that weekend. It didn't turn out quite as pretty as I might have hoped, but it was pretty tasty. We just used the caramel syrup that Steve makes for putting in my coffee, rather than the one from the recipe. It needed a sprinkle of Maldon salt on top, but it did the job nicely. We would probably make this again, but I think waffles and lemon ricotta pancakes are still the favorites.

64/366 buckwheat baby

For Monday, I decided to take a picture of the kishus that Steve and I bought from Bi-Rite the previous Saturday. They're so cute and tiny, but it's kind of difficult to show that in a picture. I read somewhere that the segments reminded someone of baby toes... Anyway, I put the kishus in a stoneware farmer's market basket that I got from Anthropologie, and then I tried to figure out how I was going to shoot them. I wasn't really feeling it at the time, but I ended up liking this shot more after cloning out the edges of the white plate and the table underneath it. A clean white background worked much better.

65/366 the mighty kishu

I went with another reserve idea on Tuesday, shooting the caramel eggs that Steve had brought home for me the week before. My plan was to try to make a nest with the raffia-ish ribbon that I was pretty sure I had somewhere. Luckily, I was able to find it, but my patience for making it into a nest was rather short-lived. I wound it around my hand and managed what you see here, weighing it down and keeping it together by putting the eggs inside. Then I had the same problem that I had had the day before: how to compose an interesting shot. And this time, I had a nest that wanted to fall apart if I moved it too much. I took a total of 12 shots, before it got too messy. By then, I had no desire to try making it again, so I just gave up. It was rather fortunate that I had a useable shot in those 12 photos, even though it involved some pretty extreme rotating in Lightroom to get a composition I could live with.

66/366 blue eggs

Wednesday was a little easier, or maybe just lazier. I was downstairs with Carmen, Elsa, and Steve's parents, who were visiting for a couple weeks; and Carmen decided to show us Elsa's new hat. It ended up looking like a terrible Annie wig. Between that and the sailer-inspired shirt/dress, it was a very special look.

67/366 impromptu annie costume

On Thursday, I felt like doing a little baking, trying out another recipe that I had found on Pinterest. This one was for Thin and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies. I had been meaning to make chocolate chip cookies again soon, and these looked really simple. Not only did I not have to get out the stand mixer, the recipe also made less than two dozen cookies and used ingredients that I already had on hand. I didn't have to go to the store for anything before I started. The results were good, although not my favorite chocolate chip cookie ever. I think the recipe from the Baked cookbook has better flavor, probably from aging the batter in the fridge for several hours. However, this was great for a quick, small batch of cookies.

68/366 milk & cookies

I was back to no ideas on Friday, prompting me to go across the street to attempt another picture of the blossoming tree. I think I've taken pictures of it every year since I started doing 365s, and it gets more and more difficult to find new ways to frame it. The shot below was one of those flukes, where I tried something new for one shot and then changed my mind and shot at a different angle. As happens occasionally, that single shot was the only one I took that I ended up liking. I went to Arizmendi for a snack a little while later, but the picture I took there of the roasted garlic asiago sourdough rolls didn't go quite as nicely with the previous day's cookie picture as the tree picture did. In the end, I figured I'd save the bakery shot and make a return trip to Arizmendi on another day if I'm stumped for a picture.

69/366 annual tree picture

Finally, Saturday's picture. It was another low effort one, since we were already downstairs with everyone. I had taken a picture of Elsa and her grandma a few days before, so here was a good opportunity to shoot one of Elsa and her grandpa.

70/366 with grandpa

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