Tuesday, March 13, 2012

finishing february

Week 9. We kind of took a break from the usual Sunday cooking that week, going to Plow for brunch instead. It seemed to be even more popular than usual, though, so we had about an hour and a half wait for seats. To kill time, we got coffee at Farley's and wandered around Potrero Hill a little. We also walked down to Big Daddy's Antiques—a usual stop for us while waiting for Plow. Finally, after returning to the restaurant to wait outside for a little longer, our name was called. We got a nice spot at the end of the counter, from which we could watch the cooks in front of us and keep an eye on the pass next to me. At one point, that area was completely loaded with plates waiting to go out, but I was too slow in deciding to get my camera out. Luckily, I had other opportunities, including just before our food was delivered to us (below). I got a single lemon ricotta pancake and the scrambled eggs with nettles, mushrooms, and goat cheese. And Steve went for his usual "Plow"—their take on a typical "grand slam" type breakfast. You'd think such simple food wouldn't be worth an hour and a half wait on a chilly day, but you would be wrong.

By the way, we did still end up cooking a new dish that day. Steve made a chicken pastilla, which we ate after the Academy Awards finished. I took a quick shot of it, but it had nothing on the picture from Plow.

57/366 eat @ plow

The next day, I decided to take a walk to Glen Park in search of pictures. I had apparently forgotten that Glen Park isn't terribly picturesque. On my first trip there with Carmen, I had already taken pictures of the house on the way with interesting things outside. I had also already taken a picture coming into the little neighborhood's shopping district, such as it is. And while they have a pretty cute housewares & gifts store, it wasn't really capturing my interest for pictures this time. I left Glen Park without a picture of the day. So on the way back, I walked down Church St., at the edge of Noe Valley. I passed Curator, a new-ish store that replaced a similar cute place a couple years ago. They were closed, but that just meant that I could take pictures of the seed bombs and other things in their windows without feeling self-conscious about it.

58/366 seed bombs

Another walk took place on Tuesday, to Noe Valley with Carmen and Elsa this time. The wee one was dressed in her "cougar" leopard print pants, her red riding hood, and her lobster claws. I decided that that was worth documenting, since we were already stopped for Carmen to take a picture of something else.

59/366 cougar-lobster-gnome riding hood

Leap Day was next! Too bad I had used an Elsa picture the day before, because it would have been a good time to photograph her in her Jumperoo. Instead, I tried to think of something else suitable, and I came up with the pocket gnome. That seemed somewhat fitting for Leap Day, since gnomes could be mischievous. (I'm not exactly sure why I would associate Leap Day with mischief, but whatever.) I took the gnome out for a walk and found a fence or two to perch him on.

60/366 leap day gnome

Thursday was March 1, prompting another calendar shot. Taking my cue from the warm wood tones in the picture, I taped the March page to the living room door and shot it there. Easy enough.

61/366 march

On my way to get my bangs trimmed on Friday afternoon, I spotted rows of scissors in a downtown window. Sadly, it took me way longer than it should have to make the connection between the scissors and the bang trim... I had even chosen it as my picture of the day already before realizing it.

62/366 getting snippy

Finally, there was another Saturday afternoon of me moping around the house, trying to figure out what we should do that was picture-worthy. We decided to go to Bi-Rite Market, partly because I wanted to see what seasonal produce they had, and partly because I had seen on Twitter that the market carried ice cream sandwiches. I didn't really feel like going to the creamery down the street for normal ice cream, but the ice cream sandwiches sounded novel. And I'm all about the lemony desserts these days, so this one was perfect.

63/366 snappy snack

With that, we move into March territory, so here's February mosaic.

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