Sunday, August 5, 2012

another half

Week 27 began with both the beginning of July and day 183—the halfway point in Project 366. It seems that with each passing year of daily pictures, these milestone pictures get less and less creative. During my first two projects, I tried to do something symbolic of either the day number or the milestone, but I'm a lot less motivated these days. Sometimes, I'm just lucky if I can think of any picture to take for the day.

The Sunday of day 183, Steve and I went to check out Sunday Streets in the neighborhood. It's a program where they close a couple main streets going through a neighborhood on a Sunday so that people can walk or bike freely. Our neighborhood, the Mission, has been participating on the first Sunday of each month this summer, and this was the first time we had gotten around to going. 24th Street was closed to the east from Valencia, but we walked north up Valencia instead. There were various tables set up outside, and some people were doing dance lessons or yoga, but the most interesting to me were the displays from some of the stores. Viracocha, an antiques store, had my favorite. I still haven't worked up the nerve to take pictures inside the store, but I had no problem taking pictures of the display outside. Again, this isn't particularly symbolic for the halfway point, although I suppose there could be something about the typewriter and having half of the project done/written.

183/366 the halfway point

With the halfway picture on July 1st, I decided to take my calendar picture for the month on Monday, the 2nd. I usually find somewhere around the house to take it, but this time, I brought the page with me when I went to Noe Valley to run errands. I hoped to find somewhere to stash it and snap a picture, but that was a little challenging with the wind that day. I ended up using a park bench, which was curved enough to hold the page in place somewhat. It's not necessarily what I had in mind, but at least the green and the outside-ness of it was summer-ish.

184/366 july

That Tuesday, I met Steve downtown for lunch at the Del Popolo pizza truck. We had been thinking about trying it for a while, since the concept of a big wood pizza oven in a food truck was novel, and we finally made it happen. The truck was parked at Mint Plaza, not far from the Powell BART station, so it was certainly convenient. We braved the line and each got a pizza: me, the margherita and Steve, the meat pizza with salami and broccoli rabe. It was a good amount of food, and it was definitely a good pizza for food truck. My only complaint was that the sauce seemed a little overly salty. I'm not sure this beats Zero Zero's pizza, but the truck is probably way cooler.

185/366 margherita del popolo

Wednesday was the Fourth of July, and we all went down to Palo Alto for the usual grilling and chilling at Rob and Traci's house. Elsa spent part of the time napping and the rest of the time entertaining us with her newest tricks. She had just recently learned how to clap, and she was just figuring out how to stand up by herself. At this point, she still wasn't taking steps; she's just started doing that in the last couple weeks. It might be another week or two yet before she's really walking, especially walking like a sober person. We tend to see her a lot on Friday nights before her bedtime, when she's tired and clumsy.

186/366 freestanding elsa

For Thursday's picture, I got out a selection of the baby clothes I had gotten from Tea Collection. They had been having a sale, and when I saw a code for an extra 25% off those prices, I decided to buy some stuff for the baby in various sizes. After all, they're the kind of clothes that I end up drooling over in stores, but I can't really justify paying full price for them. Well, problem solved. Here we have a navy blue sleeper in 0-3 months—the only thing I bought in that size—and a couple sleepers in 3-6 months. The onesie in the back is part of a set in 6-9 months, so the little guy will have cute things to wear at various stages.

187/366 tea collection

Getting out for another walk on Friday afternoon, I went down to Craftsman and Wolves, a new pastry shop on Valencia. Steve and I had gone in briefly on Sunday during Sunday Streets, but I wasn't particularly hungry at the time and didn't feel like wading through the crowd to get something. By contrast, the place was much less crowded on Friday. I got a chocolate croissant stack, sipping chocolate with violet marshmallows, and a pain au cochon to bring home for Steve. I was tempted by the fancier cube cakes too, but the chocolate croissant stack seemed like it would be a better match for the sipping chocolate. And judging by my picture of the day, I was more drawn to that pastry case on this visit. I'll just have to go back for the cube cakes sometime.

188/366 dramatic pastries

Saturday's picture was slightly less exciting. Steve and I headed to the butcher shop that afternoon to get some meat for dinner, and I ended up just shooting the flowering tree that we often pass on the way there.

189/366 flower tree

In the next installment: the beginning of our recent trip to Seattle!

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