Tuesday, March 26, 2013

back on the horse-wagon

Hey, remember when it was January? Me too. In fact, we're going to see just how much I remember about when it was January, because it's time to start catching up with blogs for the current year, now that I've finished 2012.

First thing's first: I decided to do another 365 project. Or rather, I decided to continue... If you're keeping track, this is my fourth year of daily pictures. I did 2009, 2011, and 2012, so I guess maybe it's a 1096 project now (2011-2013). Really, it's gotten to be a habit, although it certainly still takes some effort to find something to shoot every day. Anyway, I'll attempt to catch up on the blog posts, but I'm organizing them slightly differently. The last two years' weekly posts have just started on whichever day of the week the year began. But I think that's awkward for 2013—beginning on a Tuesday—so I'm going to make each post Monday through Sunday instead, after this first week, of course.

So... January 1. Since Evan's birth in mid-October, he had been sleeping in the pack & play next to our bed. He would take naps in his crib in the nursery, but we put him in our room when we went to bed after his last feeding of the day. It worked out well, because he was nice and close when he woke up to eat in the middle of the night. Then shortly after Christmas, he started sleeping through the night—from around 11:30 or midnight until 6 or 7am, when we would all get up for the day. That was the kind of predictability for which I had been waiting; it just happened to also match the deadline that I had had in my head for moving him to his room altogether. We waited until the end of the year and then packed up the pack & play on January 1. But before taking it down, I took a picture of our room as it had been since Evan came home from the hospital.

1/365 beginning/end

Wednesday's picture ended up being the Evan picture for the week, showing off his newest trick: grabbing his bib. He hadn't entirely "found" his hands yet, but he was starting to pull up his bib and lick it frequently. Over two months later, he still pulls his bib up. The difference now is that he tries to stuff it all in his mouth and seems to get frustrated when it stays attached around his neck or covers his face.

2/365 bib grabber

Evan's galaxy mat was the subject for Thursday's picture. He was still enjoying watching it move and play music, and his favorite things on it seemed to be the monkey and the yellow cow. Only one of those came with the mat... We put the cow on after he got it for Christmas, since we weren't using his car seat or stroller often enough to make it worth attaching there.

3/365 cow in space

For Friday, I took pictures of my afternoon snack: a brownie and some milk on one of the Heath Ceramics plates that Steve got me for Christmas. The brownie was part of my stash in the freezer, leftover from a Christmas party we attended. (I had made them, so I knew they were worth saving.)

4/365 circle gets the square

On Saturday, I took yet another picture in the nursery. This time it was the shelves. We had gotten more stuffed animals and books for Christmas, so the cubbies had been rearranged a little.

5/365 growing collections

Finally, Sunday was the day of the Downton Abbey season 3 premiere. I didn't seek out photo subjects with that in mind, but it was convenient that the stuff we passed in the windows of Ambiance in Noe Valley felt appropriately period.

6/365 downton day

Well, that's the first week of 2012. Only about 12 more to go to catch up...

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