Wednesday, March 13, 2013

end of the line

At long last, it's the final post for 2012. Took me long enough... It turns out, it's more difficult to catch up on blogging than it is to catch up with posting pictures. The blog just never quite recovered after Evan was born, since I have to be in the right mood to write these things. Add to that a baby who likes to stir and/or wake up 40 minutes after the start of every nap lately, like clockwork, as well as my truly impressive ability to fall asleep on the couch after about 9:30pm, and you have a pretty accurate idea of why it's taken me this long. In any case, this entry finishes the project for last year. I've kept going with the Project 365 pictures since then—and will probably continue trying to catch up with the blog posts for those two-plus months—but for now, we'll call this progress.

So. Sunday, December 23rd. This was the day when I put Evan on his galaxy playmat, and he actually enjoyed it. I had tried it here and there before, turning on the music and seeing if he would like watching the toys moving over his head, but he had been too little to care. Now, he suddenly appreciated it; he smiled and talked to it. I think it was the first time he had done any cooing that wasn't directed at a person. In terms of the picture, I wish I had taken the burp cloth out from under his head or switched it out for a plain white one. It's a little busy. But at least I caught some cute facial expressions.

358/365 ooooooh

Monday was Christmas Eve, and we spent some time hanging out with Dan and Carmen that evening. I ended up just taking a picture of the Christmas tree, which we had all decorated the night before. Most of the ornaments were on the top half this year to keep Elsa from getting them.

And speaking of Elsa, we compared her footprint ornaments from last Christmas (at 6 months old) with Evan's feet (at 2 months old), and Evan's feet were a perfect fit. He will probably be bigger than she is in no time.

359/366 christmas eve

On Christmas morning, we headed back downstairs for presents with Dan, Carmen, and Elsa. A few pictures had to happen first, though. Since it was Christmas, we decided to try to get a picture of Evan and Elsa together—their first, actually. Elsa, at 18 months, was still not to be trusted completely with the baby, but we managed to make it work with Evan in the bouncy seat. We even got Elsa to give Evan a few kisses for the camera. Evan looked a little unsure as she was coming at him, but they both did well with supervision.

During the opening of the Christmas presents, Evan stayed in his bouncy seat and took a short nap. He also spent some time in there while we ate Christmas dinner, cooked by Steve: salad with pears and blue cheese, prime rib, mashed potatoes, and some roasted vegetables. Sadly, there was an incident with the roasted mushrooms seesawing off a tray/counter, and all but a few of them ended up on the floor. The surviving ones were really tasty, so it was especially tragic. That dish (minus the unfortunate end result) is now called "floor mushrooms."

360/366 christmas morning

The next day, I took a picture of a couple of our new stuffed animals. The fox was Evan's Christmas present from Steve and me, pointed out at the store by me and then purchased later by Steve. It felt kind of silly to wrap it and then open it again on Christmas morning, but whatever. At least we ended up getting Evan something for his first Christmas.

The elephant was a gift from Carmen. I had found it online when I was looking at baby stuff while pregnant, but since it didn't fit the woodland theme, I hadn't gotten it. I probably should have gotten it, because I kept thinking about how cute it was. I left it on my Amazon wishlist just in case someone needed a gift idea for me. Then, when I rechecked my wishlist before Christmas, I saw that the elephant was suddenly unavailable. A different website still seemed to have them, but the next time I checked, they were sold out there too. I spent an hour looking around online and came to the conclusion that the only elephants left were in Europe, and Amazon UK wouldn't ship theirs here. I guess it was good that I didn't have the heart to take it off my wishlist, though... Carmen took up the challenge and managed to get one of the British elephants shipped here in time for Christmas! She even had time to wrap it.

361/366 the elephant and the fox

I took a walk with Evan to Noe Valley on Thursday. One of the antique stores still had some ornaments displayed outside for sale, so I took a picture of those for the day.

362/366 old-timey ornaments

That night, a miraculous thing happened: Evan didn't wake up at 4am. He didn't wake up at 5am either. He slept from 11:45pm to about 7:30am. It was the first time that he had skipped an early morning feeding entirely, rather than just waking up at an awkwardly early time when we wouldn't know whether to put him back to bed right away or not. This was the "sleeps through the night" we had been waiting for. I happily stuck the sticker on his calendar and took a picture of it the next day.

363/366 filling in the calendar

On Saturday, I decided to try recreating a picture that I had found of myself at two months sitting in my crib with my various stuffed animals around me. (I scanned that picture and posted it to Flickr too.) I wished I had taken off Evan's bib for the shot, but he probably would have spit up down his front before I was done taking pictures.

364/366 party at evan's crib

Nearing the end now... I took another picture of Evan for day 365, the day before New Year's Eve. I think we had just come back from a walk to get dungeness crabs for the next night's dinner. I had removed most of Elsa's old bear suit, and I thought Evan looked cute with hood still on.

365/366 bear suited down

Last, I had to figure out what to do for day 366—the final shot of the year. The previous two projects had ended with pictures of the "3," "6," and "5," magnets that I bought near the end of the first project. However, I didn't have another "6" to make "366" for this time. Instead, I broke out the chalkboard tags that I had gotten for Christmas from Bruce and Bonnie. I had also ordered some colored chalk from Amazon so I could write numbers on the tags. It was a little tricky to get the picture and avoid Evan knocking the tag off his chest or smearing the chalk, but I got a decent shot. Since 2012 was essentially the Year of the Baby for us, it seemed a fitting end.

366/366 the end (again)

And now for the final mosaic of 2012:

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