Thursday, February 28, 2013

almost there

One more post before the final one from 2012. To start, we have another picture from the window of the Aldea Ninos store. I took a lot of walks down there with Evan—and sometimes Steve—in December, since we were on the hunt for Christmas presents. I think this was the day that we bought Elsa's gifts.

351/366 cigar box mice

That Monday, I took another picture of Evan on the changing table. I had taken similar shots at one week and one month, so I figured I'd take one at two months as well. (Click through to Flickr for links to the others.) I didn't keep up the trend after that, though. I figured the chair portraits each month would be enough, especially since the lighting isn't really the best at the changing table. Evan's also likely to start trying to roll off soon.

352/366 serious business

Speaking of the monthly chair portraits, it was time for the two-month picture on Tuesday. While it was a bit of a balancing act, I was able to get him to sit up much better in the chair than I had the first month. I wasn't able to get him to smile for the camera, though.

353/366 two months

Wednesday was Evan's two-month pediatrician visit, which meant a round of shots to fill in the least fun punch card ever. (Do we get a prize for completing the whole thing?) Like the first time, Evan shrieked and cried right when they gave him the shots, but he calmed down pretty quickly once I picked him up. Then he was okay with his pacifier while I bundled him back up for the walk home. He was also fighting off his first cold—cough and sniffles—so he was a little more subdued for the next day or two.

354/366 least fun punch card ever

On Thursday, my picture of the day was of the fancy pears that my parents sent us for Christmas. They ended up being quite tasty. We used one for the filling of a pasta, we made a salad with them as part of our Christmas dinner, we gave a couple to Dan and Carmen for Elsa, and I ate some as snacks with prosciutto. (I was excited to remember that I could eat prosciutto again after not being able to while pregnant.)

355/366 fancy pears

Friday, the first day of winter (and not the apocalypse), was when I finally got around to doing my follow-up 2-hour glucose test to make sure that the gestational diabetes was gone. I got up before the baby did that morning, left him with Steve and a bottle, and drove over to the hospital's lab. The actual test was much more tolerable than the 3-hour one had been: only two blood draws and no feeling like I was going to pass out. Just for fun, I took along my own testing kit and tested my blood sugar when they did. From the numbers I got, I was actually afraid that I hadn't passed... But my doctor's office called a week or so later and said that everything was normal. Big relief.

Anyway, the picture for that day was the view from the hospital's parking garage, with Sutro Tower in the distance. This is pretty much what "winter" looks like in San Francisco: chilly and rainy.

356/366 first day of winter

And the last picture of the week was from that Saturday, which was when we did most of our present wrapping. I just took a shot of the finished ones on the coffee table, although a few more were added to it later.

357/366 the growing present pile

Next stop: Christmas and the end of 2012. (Finally.)

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