Monday, February 18, 2013

christmas approaching

Moving on towards Christmas with yet more pictures of Evan and/or Christmas decorations... The first picture of week 50 was of Evan's usual smiley time. Every morning after he ate, I used to prop him up with the Boppy pillow on the floor. I ate my breakfast while sitting in front of him, and he took the opportunity to smile and coo. Of course, it was hard to capture the smiles with the camera.

344/366 smiley time

On Monday, I apparently took a walk to Noe Valley. I had taken note of the Christmas decorations around the Mill store previously, and I finally found the right composition for a picture. The passing firetruck was convenient too.

345/366 noe valley christmas

Tuesday's walk yielded something a bit different. I took a picture of a taxidermied animal in the (fake) snowy window of Paxton Gate.

346/366 snow weasel

And other sorts of animals were the subjects for Wednesday's picture. It started with a change of clothes for Evan. I tried to put him in a Christmas onesie, and he spit up on the collar before I could even get his arms in the sleeves. So then I put him in the knit romper that he wore on Thanksgiving—the one with the very impractical buttons for diaper changes. He hadn't worn it much, and it had been too big on Thanksgiving, but now it fit great. I also crammed his feet into some newborn shoes that we had inherited from Chrissy and Elliott. (No socks... I didn't think they'd fit with socks too.) He had worn those even less than the romper, since they didn't really match many of his early outfits.

Anyway, with the romper and the shoes on, I decided that a photo shoot would be fun. I sat him in the chair in the living room, snapped some pictures, then realized that his stuffed squirrel would help fill the frame. Luckily, I got what I needed before one big spit-up ended our session. (Here's picture that shows the shoes.)

347/366 evan & squirrel

Alyson came to visit after work on Thursday, meeting Evan for the first time. He stayed awake a good long time and stared at her a lot. 

348/366 new friend

For Friday, I took another picture of Evan in his bouncy seat. I was trying for smiles again, but I was a lot more successful with getting concerned looks.

His hair looks darker in these pictures than it does now. I think it's either lightened up or he's lost a fair amount of the darker stuff. Also possible: he needed a bath. His hair does tend to look a little darker when it's nearing bath day.

349/366 concerned look

The final picture of the week features two of the three "official" ornaments for 2012. I previously saw these elves at a shop on Valencia, but I ended up ordering them online later. I got one of each of the three color schemes; the loop on the third elf just didn't fit over the door handle for the picture. These guys kind of remind me of Evan with their round faces and ears that stick out, so they seemed especially fitting to represent the year he was born.

350/366 elves

That wraps up yet another week! Only a couple more to go from 2012...

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