Wednesday, February 13, 2013

ornaments & baby stuff

Week 49 of 52, the beginning of December. Steve and I took yet another walk down Valencia that Sunday afternoon, stopping at Craftsman and Wolves for a snack and probably scouting out some Christmas presents on the way. The picture of the day turned out to be of some ornaments in the window of Laku. I liked the mouse and the little house, but the tree was also pretty cool.

337/366 mouse, house

I did my Christmas card photo shoot with Evan on Monday afternoon, setting up the big bean bag and white bed sheet in the box window of the bedroom. I think I lucked out with the pose, though. Evan stayed up in the tummy time position for at least a couple minutes—long enough for me to take a few pictures, position props, and then take some more. I wasn't very good about doing tummy time consistently for a couple weeks after this, so Evan got worse at it for a while. He must have either forgotten how to do it or his head got substantially heavier in that time. Anyway, I got a good Christmas card picture out of this, and Evan's getting way better at tummy time again now.

338/366 christmas pictures

I had fewer ideas for pictures on Tuesday, so I resorted to shooting the Christmas ornaments, lined up on Evan's window sill. Although we don't really have the space for a Christmas tree at this point, I still buy ornaments each year to build our collection. My favorites seem to be the felted wool and woodland themed ones, some of which figured into Tuesday's picture. Here we have the pine cone from 2008, the owl from 2010, a rabbit from 2011, and a mushroom that we found at Paxton Gate's Curiosities for Kids during our walk two days before.

339/366 christmas ornaments

Wednesday was a rough one. Around lunchtime, Evan just wasn't going to sleep. It was nap time, but he apparently decided that he needed to eat yet again and wasn't going to go to sleep until that happened. All the swaddling, unswaddling, changing, re-pacifying, and feeding was really getting to me, since I was hungry and my back was having issues that day. The picture below was actually taken after the long nap that he finally took, but his expression in it summed up my feelings about that day pretty well.

340/366 tough customer

The next day was much better. Evan and I took another walk to Aldea Ninos in the afternoon, and I took pictures of the stuffed animals in their window. They had sprayed some fake snow on the glass, so it was extra challenging to get a decent shot. I had to punch up the contrast quite a bit in Lightroom.

341/366 woodland friends

On Friday, it was time to bid farewell to some of the burp cloths we had been using for Evan. They had belonged to Carmen's cousin Amy, and Evan used them for a little while after Elsa. But Dan and Carmen were going to visit Amy in MI the next week, so the burp cloths needed to be returned for use with baby Mia. It was sad, but we got some new ones for Evan.

342/366 bye bye, burp cloths

Saturday's picture was of some more baby stuff. I went downtown during Evan's afternoon nap that day, since I wanted to do a little shopping, and we weren't taking the baby on BART yet. Some of the windows of the Gap store that I passed on Powell featured Baby Gap clothes. While I resisted going inside to buy more of them, there was no reason to resist taking pictures from outside.

343/366 baby gap bear

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