Tuesday, January 29, 2013

november to december

The end of November meant the end of Bruce and Bonnie's long visit to San Francisco. They had come for Evan's birth, almost two weeks before his due date, although I ended up going into labor at the end of their second full day here. And they stayed until he was about five and a half weeks old, leaving the week after Thanksgiving. Knowing that this particular Sunday would be their last weekend day in town, I helped orchestrate a photo shoot that morning.

It wasn't ideal timing... Evan was on his third day in a row of waking up twice between the hours of midnight and 7am—as opposed to his then usual once—so we were extra tired and running a little late. But I knew that Bruce and Bonnie would really appreciate getting pictures of themselves with their grandchildren and of all of us together, and it pretty much had to be on a weekend so that Steve and Dan would be home during a bright enough time of day. My original idea had been to go to the Presidio, where we had done Dan and Carmen's Christmas pictures the year before, but I scrapped that when it sounded like way too much time and effort. Instead, we just did it in the park that's next to the house. We got some decent shots, despite the challenges involved in working with Elsa and Evan. Elsa's attention was wandering, and Evan was tired enough to demand his pacifier almost the whole time. For the picture of the day, I chose one of the outtakes that illustrated those challenges.

330/366 family pictures

Monday was the second of the two dates for Steve and me while Bruce and Bonnie were still around to babysit Evan. We finally got to try out Locanda for dinner. A new-ish Italian place, it had been on our list of places to try for quite a while. We each got a cocktail, a starter, a pasta, and a dessert—all really good. My favorite was my pasta: Crescenza Cheese Tortelli with Chantarelles, Mint and Pinenuts. I took pictures, but it was dark enough in there that I didn't really think the results were worth posting. The signage out front became my picture of the day instead.

331/366 locanda

On Tuesday, Bruce and Bonnie's last day in town, Evan decided to start smiling and cooing. We had each thought that maybe we had seen a smile the day or two before, but this was when it became obvious that he was doing it on purpose. The shot below was the best I could do for photographic evidence of it. (He was smiling at Bonnie.)

332/366 first smiles

Evan's 1-month check-up was Wednesday, although he was just shy of 6 weeks old by then. I didn't take any pictures at the pediatrician's office, so I took a couple when we got home. He had gotten his second Hep B shot, and I thought the band-aid was cute. He ended up doing pretty well with it, shrieking when he got the shot, but calming down pretty quickly once I picked him up off the table. 

333/366 peanuts band-aid

Thursday was less exciting. Steve had to fly to L.A. for work insanely early and didn't get back until around midnight, so it was just Evan and me for the entire day. It wouldn't have been a big deal, but it was also raining, and our internet connection wasn't working. I was getting a little stir crazy, which led me to play dress-up with Evan. I wasn't quite ready to do a Christmas photo shoot with him yet, but I at least tried on the outfit I had gotten for him, as well as a sweater from Carmen—just to entertain myself. Again, we needed the pacifier to keep Evan happy.

334/366 playing dress-up

It was still a little drizzly on Friday, but I went out with Evan in the Baby Bjorn that afternoon anyway. (It wasn't quite enough to make an umbrella necessary, although I held a burp cloth over Evan to keep the top of his head dry.) We stopped in at Gypsy Honeymoon, Gabrielle got to meet Evan, and I took a picture of the vintage stuff in her window.

335/366 vintage christmas

And that was end of November; Saturday was December 1. After another walk with Steve and Evan that afternoon, I got out the December calendar page for a picture. I also got out our Christmas decorations, so I included our tiny tree in the shot, taken on Evan's window sill.

336/366 december

Here's the mosaic for November.

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