Thursday, January 17, 2013

one month down (and two months behind)

Evan turned one month old at the beginning of week 47, which meant that it was time to break out the monthly stickers I had gotten for him. I was hoping for better results than when I had tried using the "Brand New" sticker... That time, at one week old, I stuck it to his onesie, and he proceeded to crumple and claw it before I got very many pictures taken. With this one, I decided to use the chair in the nursery as our backdrop—showing his size better—and Steve suggested I put the sticker on the chair instead. That worked much better, although I still took a few with it stuck to his onesie at the end. Evan mostly cooperated for our photo shoot, but he demanded the pacifier for a lot of it.

323/366 one month

The next day, Monday, Bruce and Bonnie watched Evan in the evening so Steve and I could go out for dinner. (We had already planned to go out the next Monday, but since Bruce and Bonnie offered, we added a second date to take advantage of their babysitting while we still could.) So I met Steve downtown after work, and we walked over to Zero Zero. We had pizza and pasta, and I got to have a fancy cocktail again, since I wasn't pregnant anymore. Because our dinner reservations were early, we walked around downtown for a while after. Unfortunately, it was a little too late in the evening to see the kittens in the Macy's Christmas windows. They were already in boxes, on their way out for the night. And the Shreve & Co. Christmas windows were gated over too (jewelry store). That left me with fewer options for pictures, so my shot of the day ended up being from the portion of the Macy's windows that wasn't intended to feature live animals.

324/366 believe

Evan's birth announcements finally got mailed that Tuesday morning. I had been waiting a while for the Pixar stamps that I had ordered to arrive. I figured if I was going to have to buy a bunch of stamps to send the announcements, I might as well get cute ones. I just didn't think they would take two weeks to get to me. At last, the stamps were delivered to Steve's office that Monday, I stuck them on the envelopes after getting home from dinner that night, and I took a few pictures before sending them off with Steve on Tuesday morning. Mission accomplished.

325/366 announcements

Around this time, I got into the habit of propping Evan up on the Boppy after his morning feeding. He would look around, mostly at the windows, and I would be able to sit on the floor in front of him while eating my breakfast. That Wednesday, I got out my camera for a few pictures of him there. This was actually one of the first pictures of Evan in which he really looked the way I was used to seeing him. So many of the other photos just looked a lot different to me; this was probably closer to the angle I saw while burping him.

326/366 stare fest

Thursday was Thanksgiving, so I got to get out another of the holiday stickers for a picture. I also got to dress Evan in his special Baby Gap outfit, which ended up being a little too big for him. (It was 0-3 month, and he was still borderline newborn size then. It fits great now.) Poor little guy looks a bit splotchy here too... He had some baby acne and cradle cap going on.

After the pictures, Bruce and Bonnie came upstairs for a while. Evan got to take a nap with his grandma while Steve worked on his contributions for the big dinner: mashed potatoes, dressing, gravy, roasted vegetables, and roasted mushrooms. Carmen did the turkey, and we ate downstairs, as is our tradition. This was the first year that Bruce and Bonnie were able to join us, since they had one week left in their long visit (for Evan's birth). Evan got passed around some that day, but he graciously took a nap in Elsa's crib while we all had dinner.

327/366 first thanksgiving

Friday was pretty low-key in comparison. Steve and I took a quick walk to Walgreens with Evan, just to pick up more of the usual supplies that were getting low. It certainly wasn't your typical Black Friday shopping trip. On the way back, I spotted a random tricycle on the sidewalk, and I decided to use that as my picture of the day instead of yet another baby picture.

328/366 red tricycle, black friday

Last, we have some photographic evidence from Evan's first brunch outing. Steve and I wanted to take Bruce and Bonnie to eat at Plow before they left, so Evan got to come along for the ride in the Baby Bjorn (after the ride to Potrero Hill in the car). We killed time by walking over to Big Daddy Antiques for a look around—and a couple pictures—and a table was ready for us by the time we made it back. I shot some of the food again, but I also had Steve pose with Evan on our way out. And that's how Steve got his last profile picture!

329/366 baby's first brunch

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