Monday, March 14, 2011

the tenth week

Time again for another edition of the Project 365 weekly roundup.

We begin with last Saturday. I dragged Steve with me to the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park to see the Garden Railway exhibit before it ended. As usual, I took lots and lots of pictures of flowers and of the little San Francisco landmarks in the train exhibit. More than a week later, there are still a few pictures I haven't posted to Flickr, but I'm not sure that's going to happen.

After that, we drove to the Richmond to check out Kamei Restaurant Supply. I had gotten the tip at the food photography workshop the week before that Kamei was a good place to get single pieces of dinnerware to use as props. We came away with several plates and utensils, as well as some things Steve needed, all for a pretty reasonable price. And with 4 minutes to spare on our parking meter.

But pictures of that stuff didn't happen until later. The official picture of the day is one of the few in-focus shots that I was able to get of the train in the Garden Railway exhibit, whilst it was moving.

64/365 garden railway

On Sunday, we had mini tiramisu for breakfast. That was our first time using our new Weck jars, and they worked really well for the single serving portions. Now I keep looking up recipes online for puddings, parfaits, and verrines so we can use them more.

65/365 tiramisu jars

Monday turned into a day of organizing. After Saturday's little spree, I had finally acquired enough props for food photography that I needed an official place to put them. So I cleaned out one of those big Rubbermaid tubs and piled in my linens, dishes, utensils, etc. From there, I got inspired to clean out our silverware drawer and get rid of things we never use. Then, I got the idea for my picture of the day, using the small wooden spoons and "whisklettes" that I had gotten on Saturday. I spent a while standing on a chair, leaning over the kitchen table, trying to get directly above my plate of utensils to take a straight shot. Once I was satisfied, it all got packed into the Rubbermaid with the rest of my stuff.

66/365 big spoon, little spoon, big whisk, little whisk

The next day was Fat Tuesday, and while I've never celebrated Lent, I figured it was a good day to get a donut. I arrived at Dynamo Donuts before 2:30pm, and I got the very last donut of the day. Luckily, Ginger Orange was one of the flavors I was hoping for. They gave it to me for $1, since it was the display donut, and I went on my merry way to eat it at the park/playground nearby.

67/365 fat tuesday

Ash Wednesday followed, and while other people were getting ash put on their foreheads, I went and got a facial. I didn't realize the irony until I was on the BART train on my way to Marion's spa. Anyway, my facial at Ensoma was lovely and relaxing, and I got my picture of the day in the form of the magazines laid out on the chaise lounge.

68/365 at ensoma

I didn't know what I was going to do for Thursday's picture, but then Carmen texted me and suggested that we do a little photo shoot. I had been wanting to take some pictures of her growing belly, as well as some of her with the cute umbrella Steve and I got her for her birthday. It was wet outside, but not actually raining much, so it turned out to be the perfect opportunity. We shot some pictures in the alley and in the park nearby, making good use of the umbrella and the swings in the park. The winner for the day, however, was Carmen's baby bump with cute shoes in the background. It even made Flickr's Explore!

69/365 niece in progress

Friday was pizza night, and Steve and I went out to Pi Bar. Steve got his favorite beer, Moonlight Death & Taxes, and I got my favorite pomegranate cider. After the news of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan the night before, everyone seemed glad to get out and chill. It got busy by the time we had finished eating, but with a few kids around, Pi Bar had a nice neighborhood feel that Friday evening.

70/365 death & taxes

Well, on to the next week. Let's hope that this one ends better than the last. No more natural disasters for a while, please.

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