Monday, March 28, 2011

the dreary dozenth

Okay, so "dozenth" may or may not be a real word, but it goes better with "dreary" than "twelfth" does. And last week, the twelfth week, was indeed dreary. It was cold, windy, and/or rainy pretty much every day. At least those of us in the city didn't really get the crazy flooding or mudslides of the Peninsula. We also didn't get several feet of cabin-burying snow, like the news from the Sierras showed. No, it was just bleak and rainy here for most of the week.

It started on Saturday, which was a work day for me anyway. When I got home, I went out with Steve to get some groceries. It was still raining as we trudged through the park, but Steve held the umbrella over my head while I took pictures of the flowering—and dripping—tree.

78/365 tree in the rain

Sunday offered a brief break from the wet weather, but of course, I had to spend the afternoon at work again. For lunch, Steve made a mushroom and fontina pizza with thyme, based on a Mario Batali recipe (with taleggio instead of fontina) from Molto Gusto. It was quite good, although the sudden appearance of the sun made the pictures come out a little too shiny.

79/365 mushroom pizza

For Monday, I had scheduled a little photo shoot for a friend of a friend. Lydia had seen the pictures I took for Marion's website and wanted me to take some of her acupuncture office. I shot quite a few pictures there, but my favorite was the one of ranunculus in front of her Chinese herbs.

80/365 flowers & herbs

On Tuesday, it was more intermittent rain. I had some errands I needed to run in Noe Valley, but the rain showers kept coming, even while the Weather Channel website's hourly forecast said there shouldn't be any. That was enough to make me not want to leave the house.

While I was making lunch, I took a quick picture of the robiola cheese that I was putting on my asparagus risotto leftovers. Not the most exciting picture, but the cheese knife and the textures of the parchment paper and cheese itself added some interest. Good enough!

81/365 delicious robiola

I did need to get my Noe Valley stuff done on Wednesday, though. Somehow, I managed to walk to Noe Valley and back between rainy spells. I've gone there so many times during each of my 365 projects that I tend not to take a whole bunch of pictures anymore when I go. This time, I took three: tulips by someone's house on the way, flowers in a planter, and signs in a bin in front of an antique shop. (Mind you, I still took multiple shots of each to make sure I got one that was in focus.) I decided that the antique signs were the most interesting, but I post the two flower pictures to Flickr as well.

82/365 bonjour

Thursday was the worst day for the rain; it was almost constant between about 6am and 5pm. I wandered the house a little in the morning, shooting a few things, but I didn't get any pictures I liked. In the afternoon, I went back and reused the concept from my day 11 picture: shoot through a rainy window, focusing on the water drops. I used the other side of the living room window, so at least the view was different this time. The guy walking down the alley at the moment didn't hurt either.

83/365 if the rain must fall

Finally, Friday seemed like it was going to stay dry for a while. I needed to get out of the house again, so I made my third attempt at reading Rick Steves' Italy while drinking coffee somewhere on Valencia Street. Four Barrel had been a zoo when I went in January, Ritual had been crowded when I tried in February, but Borderlands Cafe worked out rather well this time. Located next to a sci-fi bookstore, and owned by the same people, it doesn't have the hipster vibe of those other places. There's no Wi-Fi and no loud music. In fact, it was downright quiet when I was there. And most importantly, there were seats open. My mocha wasn't as good as the ones those other places make, but I would still go back to read some more. I just might try the chai instead.

After finishing my mocha and my chapter on Venice, I risked conspicuousness and took a couple pictures of the postcard rack. Good luck finding those at Ritual or Four Barrel.

84/365 the gay bandit of the border

Week 13 is looking much more promising in the weather department. Maybe real spring is arriving!

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