Monday, March 21, 2011

cue springtime

Week 11 of Project 365 began with more food related photos. I just can't stay away.

I didn't have to work on Saturday, but I couldn't think of anything very exciting that I wanted to do. I ended up just going with Steve to get ingredients for that night's dinner and Sunday's lunch. The main stop was at Sun Fat to get a couple Dungeness crabs. While Steve was paying for our two, I took a picture of this guy in the tank.

71/365 crab on crab action

We had carrot soup with crab for dinner on Saturday, but on Sunday we finally made the Crab & Asparagus Linguine from Jamie Oliver's Cook with Jamie. (Very similar recipe can be found here. The main difference is that ours had shaved fennel in it too.) I spent a while actually styling this plate, twirling pasta and asparagus around a fork and placing it in neat little nests; then topping the whole thing with more crab, peppers, and fennel tops. I also set up a more composed, vertical shot with some of those components in the background, but I liked the simplicity of this one better.

72/365 asparagus & crab linguine

On Monday, I spent some time making Meyer Lemon Ricotta Cookies. Thankfully, daylight savings time had begun the day before, so I wasn't in as much of a rush to finish them before dark. It took a while to bake and glaze them all, and I was still doing the last of the glazing when Steve got home from work. They turned out really well—kind of light and cakey like madeleines, but with a nice lemony flavor.

73/365 lemony snickets

The next day, I decided that it was time to try taking a picture of the blossoming tree across the street. I had noticed it for the first time during my 365 two years ago, but that day's picture ended up being one of a neighborhood cat who showed up while I was taking pictures of the tree. This time, a different neighborhood cat appeared. Of course, I went to pet her and attempted to take some pictures of her. Only one of those amounted to much, so I decided to go with the blossoms for this 365.

74/365 blossom time

Wednesday was one of our season ticket-mandated date nights. We went to see Rock of Ages at the Curran. The show itself was pretty cheesy, but at least it was entertaining. Dinner before that was at Gitane, and it was wonderful. We've been there a handful of times, usually before shows, and it's always good. They do kind of Basque-Mediterranean food. I took a few pictures inside, including of our bastilla (savory-sweet chicken in pastry) and our beignets, but my favorite shot was of their sign against the brick wall. I didn't have to crank up the ISO so much for that one.

75/365 gitane

St. Patrick's Day on Thursday was an easy one. I had been noting clover in various places around the neighborhood over the last few weeks, so I just had to find the most interesting spot. The park by the house had several of them, and we happened to be walking through it on the way to the Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas booksigning at Omnivore Books that evening. So I got my clover pictures, and we got to meet the chef and the managing partner of Alinea! I took a picture of them with Steve too; they seemed really cool.

76/365 st. patrick's day

Friday was mostly rainy. I took a picture in the morning of the dining room table in the gloomy light and didn't pick up my camera that afternoon, figuring I'd just use that. Then, Steve brought home some flowers, so I took some pictures of those to use instead.

77/365 freesia

It's sunny right now, but more rain is forecasted here for this week. I'm hoping it won't cramp my style too much.

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